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  M. Guillout [email] 
  M. Maher AL-Rijleh  
  M. Moura [email] 
  M. T. Carey / Emkari, LLC (M. T. Carey) [email][Home]
  M.C. van der Kooij (M.C. van der Kooij) [email][Home]
  m.deHaan@inn.nl [email] 
  M.E.B. Systems (Matthew Eric Bassett) [email][Home]
  M.K. van der Kooij [email] 
  Ma Jun (Ma Jun) [email][Home]
  Maarten Bekers [email][Home]
  Maarten de Haan [email] 
  Mab ( Matt Hamilton ) [email] 
  Maciej Kotwas [email][Home]
  Maciej Wojciechowski [email] 
  Maciej Zagozda [email] 
  Maelstrom Objects Inc. [Home]
  Maelstrom Software  
  Maga WiseCarver  
  Magenta Systems Ltd (Angus Robertson) [email][Home]
  Maggie Owens [email][Home]
  MagicK-Ware [email] 
  Magnus Lidman [email][Home]
  Maguma [Home]
  Maher AL-Rijleh  
  Maik Porkert [email][Home]
  Main Chen [email][Home]
  MainSoft sarl.  
  Mairon Benevides [email] 
  Major Software [email] 
  Makowski Philippe [email][Home]
  Malcolm Groves [email][Home]
  MAMAVISION Software Consult  
  Manfred Keul [email] 
  Manuel Fernandes [email] 
  Maras [email] 
  Marc Hoffman  
  Marc Evans [email] 
  Marc Gagnon [email][Home]
  Marc Geilen  
  Marc H. Lamoureux [email] 
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  Marc Palmer (AnyWare Ltd) [email][Home]
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  Marcin Lada  
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  Marco Buitenkamp [email] 
  Marco Cantu' [email][Home]
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  Marco Gasi [email][Home]
  Marco Kalter [email][Home]
  Marco Mescalchin [email][Home]
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  Marcos Guzman [email] 
  Marcus Karsten  
  Marek A. Chmielowski  
  Marek Bisz [email] 
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  Marek Bisz [email] 
  Marianne H. Goeltl-Schuberth [email][Home]
  Mariano D. Podesta [email] 
  Mario Pinkster [email] 
  Mario Taricco  
  Marivie A. Galeon [email] 
  Marivie A. Galeon and Lawrence Blue B. Cuenca [email] 
  Mark Harwood  
  Mark WiseCarver  
  Mark Beachill [email][Home]
  Mark Bracey [email][Home]
  Mark Bratcher [email] 
  Mark D. Rafn  
  Mark Dodson [email][Home]
  Mark E. Edington  
  Mark Erbaugh  
  Mark Hamblin [email] 
  Mark Jarzebowski  
  Mark Klaamas [email][Home]
  Mark Kuhnke [email][Home]
  Mark O. Purvis  
  Mark Pugh  
  Mark Purvis  
  Mark R. Boler [email] 
  Mark R. Holbrook  
  Mark R. Johnson  
  Mark Slaski [email][Home]
  Mark Ungerman  
  Mark Wardell  
  Mark Wilsdorf  
  Marko Tietz [email][Home]
  Markus / NONAME  
  Markus Mayer  
  Markus Plesser [email][Home]
  Markus Schlarmann [Home]
  Markus Spoettl [email][Home]
  Markus Stephany [email][Home]
  Markus Thielen (Markus Thielen) [email][Home]
  Marotz, Inc. (Serge Bodrov) [email][Home]
  MarshallSoft Computing (Mike Marshall) [email][Home]
  Martin [email] 
  Martin 'mc2' Cativa Gronda [email] 
  Martin 'mc#' Cativa Gronda [email] 
  Martin Austermeier  
  Martin Beattie  
  Martin Binder (Martin Binder) [email][Home]
  Martin Binder | Software by Martin (Martin Binder) [email][Home]
  Martin Brütsch [email][Home]
  Martin Cativa Gronda [email] 
  Martin Djernas [email][Home]
  Martin Dummer [email][Home]
  Martin Geier (Martin Geier) [email][Home]
  Martin Gill [email] 
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  Martin Kendrick [email] 
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  Martin Krämer [email] 
  Martin Lovell [email][Home]
  Martin M. Welzel  
  Martin Masci [email] 
  Martin Mittelmann [email] 
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  Martin Nedopil [email] 
  Martin Platt [email][Home]
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  Martin R Coster [email][Home]
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  Martin Zahl [email][Home]
  martin.weghaus [email] 
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  Matt Francomb [email][Home]
  Matt Loranger [email] 
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  Matteo Cavalleri [email][Home]
  Matthew Eric Bassett [email] 
  Matthew Greet [email][Home]
  Matthew J. Brock [email] 
  Matthew J. Sollars [email][Home]
  Matthew Meadows [email][Home]
  Matthew Page  
  Matthias 'KaosMaki' Baerens (Matthias 'KaosMaki' Baerens) [email][Home]
  Matthias Ackermann [email][Home]
  Matthias Henckell - MATHEsoft [email][Home]
  Matthias Laschat  
  Matthias Leonhardt [email][Home]
  Matthias Weber [email] 
  Matthias Weingart  
  Matthias Zartmann [email] 
  Mattias Andersson [email][Home]
  Mattias Fagerlund [email][Home]
  Mauricio Korbman  
  Maurizio Panzica [email] 
  Mauro Tronto (http://www.tmxp.it) [email] 
  Mauro Venturini (Mauro Venturini) [email] 
  Max Muermann [email] 
  Maxim Monin  
  Maxim V. Shiryaev  
  maytec.net software [email][Home]
  MCM Design (Marc Martin) [email][Home]
  Media Programming Group (Urry Crashnikov) [email][Home]
  Media Tec online GmbH (Andre Varney) [email][Home]
  Medialight, corp. [email][Home]
  MegaComm HB  
  Megasistemas Ltda. (Jair Palacio) [email][Home]
  Mehul Sampat [email][Home]
  Meik Weber  
  Meliksah Ozoral [email] 
  Melman Consulting Group (Emil A. Lefkof III) [email][Home]
  mensand (Andre Mens) [email][Home]
  Mentor Computer Solutions (Garret Wilson) [email][Home]
  Merlin The Wizard [email][Home]
  Mesaros Istvan (Mesaros Istvan) [email][Home]
  meto [email][Home]
  Mezou Prod [email] 
  MG-SOFT Corporation [email][Home]
  Miachael Ax TPack collection [Home]
  Micha Nelissen [email][Home]
  Michael A. Hess [email][Home]
  Michael Akin [email][Home]
  Michael Ax [email] 
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  michael Donovan [email][Home]
  Michael Dürig [email][Home]
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  Michael Gasser (Michael Gasser) [email][Home]
  Michael Glitzner [email] 
  Michael Grunder [email] 
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  Michael Harris [email][Home]
  Michael Hieke [email] 
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  Michael in der Wiesche [email][Home]
  Michael Irving [email][Home]
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  Michael Justin [email][Home]
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  Michael Lam [email][Home]
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  Michael Peter [email] 
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  Michael Schumann (ITC) [email][Home]
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  Michael Tran [email][Home]
  Michael Trier [email][Home]
  Michael Urban [email][Home]
  Michael Vincze  
  Michael Wilcox  
  Michael Willomitzer Denk Mal (Michael Willomitzer) [email][Home]
  Michal Koziel [email] 
  Michal Mutl [email][Home]
  Michel Braizaz [email][Home]
  Michel Brazeau [email][Home]
  Michel Brazeau [email][Home]
  Michel Brazeau [email][Home]
  Michel Dürig [email][Home]
  Michel Fornengo [email][Home]
  Michel Fornengo | DataStead (Michel Fornengo) [email][Home]
  Michel Fornengo | DelphiCity (Michel Fornengo) [email][Home]
  Michel Mudde  
  Michel Verbraak | MIV (Michel Verbraak) [email][Home]
  Mickael Lefebvre [email] 
  MICREL S.A. [email][Home]
  Micro Applications, Inc (William Dewey) [email] 
  micro dynamics (Michael Frank)  
  micro dynamics GmbH (Michael Frank)  
  Microchip Data Systems (Andrew Neillans - Uploader) [email][Home]
  Micromet [email][Home]
  microOLAP Technologies (Edward Smirnov) [email][Home]
  microOLAP Technologies LLC (Edwrd Smirnov) [email][Home]
  Microtec Informatique (Jonathan Neve) [email][Home]
  Midnight Software (Robert Kaufman) [email] 
  Miguel Martínez Juan [email] 
  Mihaela Mihaljevic-Jakic [email][Home]
  Mihaela Mihaljevich [email] 
  Mik Tran [email][Home]
  Mikael More a.k.a. Psycho Derek [email][Home]
  Mike [Home]
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  Mike Cropsey [email] 
  Mike Gibbard [email] 
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  Mike Presley  
  Mike Shkolnik [email][Home]
  Mike Shkolnik, Scalabium [email][Home]
  Mike Sutton [email][Home]
  Miklos Bartha [email][Home]
  MIKSoft, Inc. [Home]
  Milic Tomislav B. Sc. [email][Home]
  Milos Dragovic [email][Home]
  minais - individual cad software (Leopold Minikus) [email][Home]
  MindBlast Software (Louis Louw) [email][Home]
  MindBlast Software (MBS) (Louis Louw) [email][Home]
  MindLink Software GmbH (Sascha Buchner) [email][Home]
  Minsu Kim [email][Home]
  Mirko Patrizi [email] 
  Miron Daniel Jakubczyk  
  MIS & TCIS [Home]
  MiSoftware (Erez Yearot) [email][Home]
  Mitch Cant  
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  Mitja Gros [email][Home]
  Mitja Gros Gross [email] 
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  Mladen Markov [email][Home]
  Moacir Alves Schmidt [Home]
  ModelMaker [email][Home]
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