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TADODBNavigator is a DBNavigator to be used for ADO Datasets only and it simply changes the refresh button. Currently the Refresh button calls the ADO Resync method which is terribly slow, so this navigator calls the ADO Requery method instead which is quite fast.
Added: 16-01-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 8912/8912/8
Author:Emil A. Lefkof III   Melman Consulting Group   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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This component is a combobox that will fill with available SID's from TNSNames.ora file if Oracle client software is installed. Useful for projects using ADO or BDE and want to let their users determine which Oracle instance to connect to. Uses registry to search for TNSNames.ora by looking in HKLM\Software\Oracle\to obtain location.
Added: 13-02-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 3408/3408/2
Author:Emil A. Lefkof III   Melman Consulting Group   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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