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[ D5 ]
Retrieve and delete messages from POP3 servers; Send messages through SMTP servers; Parse MIME or UUCODE messages in header, body, alternative texts and attachments; Create or modify MIME messages on-the-fly; HTML and embedded graphics support; Save or retrieve messages from files or streams; Ideal for automated e-mail processing.
Added: 11-05-1999/9-09-2001   |  Version: 1.10.1 beta   |  Downloads: 14969/13468/18
Author:Marcello "Panda" Tavares   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Matching an searching of wildcard strings, similar to Unix regular expressions; Plenty of wildcards, variable-length sets, OR sequences; No classes, no pointers nor special types, just one function!
Added: 9-09-2001/25-02-2002   |  Version: 1.1.4 beta   |  Downloads: 3274/3272/6
Author:Marcello "Panda" Tavares   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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