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CopyCat is a Delphi / C++Builder component set for replicating Interbase/Firebird databases.

The file contains an evaluation version of the component set (IDE must be open).

Key features of CopyCat:

  • Full two-way replication.
  • Royalty-free Delphi / C++Builder component set.
  • CopyCat was designed to handle even highly complex databases, without requiring any structural unheavals.
  • Independant of the data-connectivity components: adapters can be written to enable interaction with any Interbase/FireBird data-access components. Currently supported are FIBPlus and IBX.
  • No server-side is needed: thus CopyCat can be used on any MS Windows client, regardless of the OS of the remote server.
  • Configuration of which tables are to be replicated: it is not necessary to synchronize the whole database.
  • Advanced primary key synchronization techniques (using either a generator, a stored procedure, or a custom SQL expression).
  • Advanced conflict management techniques, allowing you to completely avoid any risk of crushing any data, if there were changes for the same record on both databases.
  • Stored procedure "replication".
  • Designed for and tested with Interbase 6.0.
  • Currently tested with C++Builder 5, C++Builder 6, and Delphi 7.
Plans for future versions:
  • Support for limiting the replication of certain tables using a customized WHERE clause.
  • Automatic conflict resolving, based on a user precedance hierachy.
  • Client/Server HTTP-based replication protocol, supporting data compression and encryption.
  • Record merging upon conflict.
  • Support for other databases (NexusDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MSSQL, etc).
  • Heterogeneous database replication # it will be possible to replicate between different types of databases or data access components, in a completely transparent fashion.
  • More data-connectivity components: UIB (soon!), IBO, ZEOS, BDE (anyone need this one?)

See our web site for exhaustive documentation, pricing and EXE demo program.
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