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    This archive contains; TMtkPPPMgr - This component manages multiple protocols of class TMtkCustomPPP. TMtkCustomPPP - This component encapsulates the base functionality required for all inherited Protocol Components. Functionality such as; how to send a new message, how to reply to a message, how to handle duplicate messages and how to store messages and peer information. The MtkCustomPPP component handles all kinds of network topology, be it STAR or RING. Messages are propagated through the network and responses are handled by the component's encapsulated logic. This custom component is designed io reduce the coding required to implement a new protocol. Design your own Peer to Peer protocols by inheriting the functionality of the TMtkCustomPPP component. Manage multiple protocols within your application by using the TMtkPPPMgr component. Peer to Peer communication has never been easier. Using this component suite allows any application to become a peer in a network with




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Peer to Peer Component Suite
Added: 16-11-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 3643/3643/1
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