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This unit consists of three procedure to manipulate bitmap: ImageFlipV, ImageFlipH, ImageRotate90. These procedures Flip an image vertically, horizontally, and rotate an image. Currently, bitmaps format supported is 1bit, 4Bit, 8Bit, 15Bit, 16Bit, 24bit, 32Bit. Demo included.
Added: 27-02-2000/12-03-2000   |  Version: 1.1   |  Downloads: 7314/7289/5
Author:Lawrence Blue B. Cuenca   [DSP files]
Marivie A. Galeon   [DSP files]

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This component allows you to store the structures of one or more tables in a text file. Using this same component, you may recreate any one or all of the tables during runtime. It supports only non-SQL tables like .DB, .DBF, and ASCII tables. This may be useful if you prefer not to include your tables in your installation and create them only when needed. This may save you space on your distribution media as text files compress more readily than binary files. The created text file may even be smaller than the tables and its related files. This component do not generate any code. So you would not need to recompile your application should you change any of your table's structure. Just change the data file and your ready to deploy.
Added: 25-06-2000/23-06-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 3537/3537/5
Author:Marivie A. Galeon   [DSP files]


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