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  Martin Binder (Martin Binder) [email][Home] features the WallCalendar Component and DLite, along with other small programs written in Delphi.




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The WallCalendar component is a Delphi component that encapsulates a customizable wall-style calendar. This component allows you to add professional-looking, customized calendars to any application with ease and flexibility. Key features include: * Support for Delphi 3-7 * Calendar navigation header which includes Windows-style month combo box, year spin edit, and buttons to increase and decrease the date * User can hide the Calendar navigation header to create a custom control interface * Calendar day cells can be customized to any height and width, or autosized to adjust to the size of the calendar * Supports background bitmaps for each month, with the ability to stretch bitmaps to fit the entire calendar area * User can override the month and day of the week names to support foreign languages * Starting day of the week can be changed to support foreign calendars * Cell messages, background color and text color can be defined for the whole calendar area, or individually by each cell * Calendar specific events to easily control navigation * Ability to enter text messages for each calendar day * Ability to control the font for cell text, days of week and navigation sections * Ability to show days for the previous and next calendar months, and the ability to control the color of these "extra" days * Ability to retain the selected day when navigating the calendar * Ability to customize the navigation interface with captions, glyphs and buttons for increasing and decreasing the calendar month and year * Ability to show the date in the calendar hint, and control how that date is displayed * Ability to align the day number and text for each cell on the calendar * Demo program with source included to demonstrate major capabilities * HTML-based help (Delphi IDE-installable help file available on registration) * All registrants receive free updates and a context-sensitive help file. Source code is also available for an additional $5.00 US.
Added: 26-10-2000/5-05-2003   |  Version: 2.1   |  Downloads: 930/929/2
Author:Martin Binder   Martin Binder   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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DLite is an editor with the look and feel of the Delphi IDE, that allows you to edit, compile and run Delphi projects using the DCC32 command-line compiler. DLite conveniently functions as a secondary code editor, and is also a great alternative to running a second copy of Delphi for quick recompiles. DLite also supports the Delphi for .NET Preview included with Delphi 7. Now you can use DCCIL to compile your .NET projects. You can also verify your .NET executables directly from the DLite IDE using PEVerify. Key features include: - Faster compile times and less resource usage - Support for Delphi 2-7 - Support for project groups and packages - Support for the Delphi for .NET preview - Full-featured, syntax-highlighting code text editor - File explorer for quick access to your source - Support for all Delphi key mappings and customized color schemes - Run "build" batch files for easy integration into your development cycle - Customizable gutter with bookmarks and optional line numbers - Export text files to HTML or RTF format - Utilize a secondary key mapping module for maximum editing flexibility - Access commonly used files and folders quickly and easily using the
Added: 27-05-2002/19-05-2003   |  Version: 1.0 (Build 8.1)   |  Downloads: 470/437/0
Author:Martin Binder   Martin Binder   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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