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  Michael Toner (Michael Toner) [email][Home]

    Download site for eyebol - a Delphi source code toolkit featuring a spell checker, code optimiser and search facility.




[ eyetry.exe ] [ 1,849,063 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
eyebol is a Delphi pascal analyzer that

  • Provides over 50 new hints and warnings including optimizations, unfreed objects, invalid statements and incorrect coding and forms. Extensive list.
  • Spell checks forms (labels, hints, column headings,etc) and code (Showmessage, MessageDlg,etc.) in one of 10 languages
  • Naming suggestions that can be applied automatically to forms and code (e.g. Button1 > btnOK)
  • Many hints and warning suggestions can be applied to your project automatically after reviewing
  • Statistics and scan report option
  • Spell check Delphi/C++ Builder built executables

Whats New
  • Search project with variable expression searching (e.g. "<integer1>:=0;"> and options such as search in last results
  • Project Rewrite applies hints and warnings automatically (and keeps a backup)
  • Integrates with Delphi including search integration
  • New warnings and some bug fixes

  • 7 day demo available with manual and sample project
    Added: 18-05-2004/28-03-2005   |  Version: 1.30   |  Downloads: 114/110/0
    Author:Michael Toner   Michael Toner   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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