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These sources provide a Delphi (2-8 and 2005) direct interface to PGP requiring a preceding (!) full installation of PGP 6.5.x, 7.x, 8.x or 9.x.

Available capabilities:

  • Encoding and decoding (encryption/decryption/signing/verifying)
  • Creating and verifying file detached (Open)PGP signatures
  • Importing, exporting, revoking, deleting keys & certificates
  • Several key & certificate management functions
  • Key & certificate generation (DH/DSS, RSA)
  • x.509 certificate & S/MIME support
  • Keyserver functions
  • Some utilities

New in Version 4.5.2:

  • Signing data without using PGP's passphrase dialog in TPGPEncode shouldn't cause access violations anymore.
  • CreateX509CertificateFromRequest in X509Funcs.pas now returns a CertPropsList instead of a CertPropsRec.
  • GetKeySetByAnyID in KeyFuncs.pas doesn't try to process non-empty blank IDs (spaces, e.g.) anymore.
  • PGP's dialog for certificate selection shouldn't occasionally hide in background anymore.

Added: 21-11-1999/21-03-2006   |  Version: 4.5.2 - 3/2005   |  Downloads: 11566/(9804)/(77)
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