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 Jan Goyvaerts
    Hi! I am Jan Goyvaerts and JGsoft is the brand name which I sell my software under. My mission is to create convenient software solutions that will make your life easier, not more complex. I do not intend to become the largest software producer there is (not even just a large one), but I want my software to be of a much higher quality than the average software package available today. Face it, how often are you frustrated with that -censored- computer because of yet another thoughtless piece of software? As small a fish as I may be, I am trying to change this. If I may quote one of my satisfied customers: "It is products like this that make it fun to [work with computers]: Don't you just love it when things work!?"
17-09-2000[DSP page]
 Immo Wache
    Delphi WDosX Page offers anything for programming native 32-bit DOS programs with Delphi and WDosX. Delphi together with WDosX is the best visual development environment for real time programming of Embedded PC (PC/104), Industrial PC (IPC), Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Computer Numerical and Robot Controls(CNC/RC).
04-04-2001[DSP page]
    listserver address :
    how to subscibe: mail to adress given above with command in mail body:
      SUB DELPHI-L your_first_name your_last_name
 Kim Madsen
    Kim Madsen is working in the company Optical Services - Scandinavia which have specialized in automatic OCR/ICR/Barcode reading, workflow and journaling.
26-03-2000[DSP page]
 Francois PIETTE
    Homesite for webutiliities like: CGI Expert, Webstat, WebBroker Plus etc.
    ExEntryC's Support Site
12-12-1999[DSP page]
 Noatak Racing Team
    Noatak Racing Team operates in two major fields: Software and web sites developpement. Sled Dogs racing and equipment. You will find information on both of these topics in this site.
21-05-2000[DSP page]
 Vladimir Vinogradsky
    Home of the Form Explorer
15-01-2002[DSP page]
 Roland Gruber
    My site is available in English and German.
26-06-2001[DSP page]
 Daniel W. Grace
    Fractal Engine website.
15-07-1999[DSP page]
 Peter D Johnson
    Programming hobbyist's site dedicated to Delphi programming from where my programs can be downloaded. Programs are mainly (though not exclusively) authoring / programming tools.
21-03-2006[DSP page]
 Christian Storb
    With this expert 'Delphi 4 Professional' offers a simple and powerful way to create win32 service applications.
28-05-2000[DSP page]
 Uwe Auerswald
    Chess: Tools, databases...
05-09-1999[DSP page]
 Workshell Software
    Workshell Software not only offers cool and mostly free products but also offers tons of code and components for Delphi and C++ Builder users, and these are nearly always free.
21-11-1999[DSP page]
 Chris Rorden | Medical Research Council (UK)
    Delphi software for medical research
09-01-2000[DSP page]
 Novatex Research
    Novatex Research, Excellence in Electronic Research and Devlopement. Providing hardware and software solutions to industry.
05-12-1999[DSP page]
 Chris Rorden
    Medical imaging site
  [DSP page]
 Oleg Fyodorov
    Oxygen Software provides a wide range of solutions for end-users and developers. See our site at for more details.
12-02-2003[DSP page]
 Geoffrey Michaels | Ultratech Creations
    Applications coded in Delphi, and developer software.
18-06-2000[DSP page]
 Cap'n Bry
    On line gnutella search - PHP code available.
30-07-2000[DSP page]
    Freeware applications and Delphi components
21-01-2001[DSP page]
 minais - individual cad software
    MNOgl component collection is a collection of easy to use and powerful components for Delphi 4 and 5 to build up OpenGL applications.
17-12-2000[DSP page]
    PE Explorer allows you to view, edit and repair internal structure and resources of PE (portable executable) files. PE Explorer can be used as a reverse engineering tool to disassemble the executable files. The disassembler mode was initially oriented toward files compiled by Borland Delphi 3...5, but also allows decompiling files created by other compilers.
  [DSP page]
 Kelvin Westlake
    Transpear Software Develop enhancing software for the Windows Desktop, If we believe something will be helpful then we will develop it. All of our software is either freeware / shareware and 90% of the time is available with Source Code.
15-08-2001[DSP page]
    A personal homepage with many interesting programs by the author along with source code as well. Includes C/Pascal->HTMl syntax highlighter, Archive file finder, Graphics effects (Fire, Plasma etc.) in DOS and more.
20-08-2001[DSP page]

    Data Master 2000 is free software package developed for automation of data acquisition, control, processing and analysis. It is particularly suitable for scientists who would like to make high-performance, precise measurements in the experimental physics. Key DM2000 features are:

    • Completely programmable via OLE automation and includes full source code
    • Fast processing of huge tables (~100000 lines or even more!)
    • Powerful visual data editor, including point editing and curve translation
    • Support data export to/import from popular desktop applications
    • Arbitrary curve/plot transformations
    • Basic set of numerical operations: integration, differentiation, smoothing, etc.
    • Linear and nonlinear (Levenberg-Marquardt, arbitrary functions) least-squares fitters
    • Support remote data acquisition over Internet
06-03-2002[DSP page]
 Alexei E. Hmelnov
    Various Delphi utilities. Main focus - information extraction.
28-10-2001[DSP page]
 Global Developers Alliance 08-01-2002[DSP page]
 Andreas Lindae
    Software components and Business-Software (german)
16-01-2002[DSP page]
 Armando de la Torre Mothelet
    Miscelaneous tools and utilities for Delphi.
10-03-2002[DSP page]
 Wilfried Mestdagh
    Interesting documentation and links to other sites. Most of them are related to programming (mostly Delphi). In the freeware section you will find some interesting tools and open source Delphi components and classes.
01-04-2003[DSP page]
 Ali Farhadi
25-11-2002[DSP page]
 Stajnia Augiasza
    Polish freeware software - Tetris Klasyczny, Hiptris, Zegar, Herbatka, Brzeczek.
24-06-2002[DSP page]
 Karisma Software
07-01-2003[DSP page]
 Poy Chen
    A Window based software, MyID is the software that is designed to processes alarm messages transmitted by Security Alarm Panels (In ContactId format), It utilizies standard voice comparable consumer modem(s) to interface with telephone systems and communicate with a Central Station server that uses Ademco 685 protocol. MyID provides embedded HTTPD engine as the standard feature, and supports TCP/IP protocol. MyID facilitates connectivities, scaled deployment and Browser based support utilising existing infrastructure such as LAN, WAN or Internet.
28-04-2003[DSP page]
 Stijn Verrept | Entrysoft
    Some information about database programming and costs can be found here as well as the timesheet utility: Timesheet Constructor and a utility to crop pictures to 3x2 ratio: Crop it.
12-05-2003[DSP page]
    DWP the Delphi WDosX Project offers anything for programming native 32-bit DOS programs with Delphi and WDOSX. Create modern event driven software with classes, components, events, exceptions, threads, TCP/IP sockets and much more. There is available the DWP Library (DWPL), an Open Source cross-platform library (based on FreeCLX). Delphi together with WDOSX is the best visual development environment for real time programming of Embedded PC (PC/104), Industrial PC (IPC), Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Computer Numerical and Robot Controls(CNC/RC).
08-09-2003[DSP page]
 Jürgen Abel
    Development of software for data compression, 3D visualisation and data encryption.
21-01-2004[DSP page]

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