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    Transpear Software Develop enhancing software for the Windows Desktop, If we believe something will be helpful then we will develop it. All of our software is either freeware / shareware and 90% of the time is available with Source Code.




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Fusion Band XP v2.0 - Is the only program of its kind, now, Finally your desktop can have the use-ability and face lift it's been screaming out for, Take control and give it the functionality and look that you've always wanted. Fusion Band is a replacement for the out-dated Start Menu and Quick Launch bar. It Gives you one click easy access too: Applications, Documents, Folders/Drives, Web site, and almost anything else you can think of .. You can organise everything into categories that are displayed in menus that are activated by the buttons on your new 'Quick Launch' bar (you can still use the Buttons to launch you shortcuts, they don't need to be menu's). You can have a different look and feel too your Fusion Band anytime you like through using the Fusion Band Themes. You can even create your own Themes with the Theme Editor - which you can also share with other users of Fusion Band. Fusion Band XP v2.0 is shareware and only costs $18, IF you register it you will also get: Fusion Band XP v2.0 (FULL unrestricted/unlimited), Free upgrades to future versions, Fusion Band XP v2.0 FULL Source Code, a XP Component Library, zBandObjects v1.2 (Fixed - see developer information). The first 80 people too register will also be given FREE fully registered versions of my next 2 applications including Grafix Viewer 2 which should be released in October, more information will be published about this in next couple of weeks. [more]
Win 95/NT4 user will need IE4+ installed with the latest shell extensions.
Added: 15-08-2001   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 935/935/0
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