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Versions is the ideal version control system for any development team. Features, like labeling, provide a snapshot of a project which allows for the quick retrieval of any previous version in the products software life cycle. Visual Difference provides quick access to file changes, enabling developers to immediately know what lines of code have changed. New features call "FREEZE" and "THAW" allows a project to be locked down. While the project is frozen no changes can be checked in until the thaw. And if a change needs to be made, a developer can be given a password allowing them to make the change. Thus eliminating feature creep and unsuspected changes from appearing during project builds. Allowing management to determine if a change is worth the risk of adding it at the last minute. As files are checked in and out and modified are made, all changes and documentation are secured by Versions, providing an audit trail for every file and every project, easily accessible to even the novice user. Developers can use Versions quickly and effectively without extensive training or maintenance. The simple setup process enables installation, configuration, and user setup in minutes, with effortless administration. Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed: Pay nothing for this risk-free,full-functioning 30 day trial.
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