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  Ranjith (Ranjith) [email][Home]

    A personal homepage with many interesting programs by the author along with source code as well. Includes C/Pascal->HTMl syntax highlighter, Archive file finder, Graphics effects (Fire, Plasma etc.) in DOS and more.




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Power Search finds files _inside_ the archive files on your system. Which means you can not only find files that hide inside a compressed archive file but can also help find files you never knew you had, within the magazine CD's for example. So the next time when a system file is corrupted, just find out with Power Search, which CAB file contains this system file from the windows installation CD, instead of manually examining each CAB file for the same. [Complete 2K+ lines of Delphi source code included!] Supported archive formats: Zip, Arj, Tar, Cab, Rar, Cab (Microsoft's (tm) format), Lha & Zoo [more]
Does not make use of non-standard components
Added: 20-08-2001   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 872/872/1
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