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    A Window based software, MyID is the software that is designed to processes alarm messages transmitted by Security Alarm Panels (In ContactId format), It utilizies standard voice comparable consumer modem(s) to interface with telephone systems and communicate with a Central Station server that uses Ademco 685 protocol. MyID provides embedded HTTPD engine as the standard feature, and supports TCP/IP protocol. MyID facilitates connectivities, scaled deployment and Browser based support utilising existing infrastructure such as LAN, WAN or Internet.




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This component provides a tool to log events as required in most real time/desktop applicatons to the hard drive. The features includes: TimeStamp event To 1/100th Seconds, Precise Disk access control (Immediate save or delay), Long or short date format and a definable Number of active lines on screen buffer to enhance memory usage. [more]
Source on request.
Added: 22-04-2003/28-04-2003   |  Version: 1.01   |  Downloads: 1055/1036/6
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