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    Data Master 2000 is free software package developed for automation of data acquisition, control, processing and analysis. It is particularly suitable for scientists who would like to make high-performance, precise measurements in the experimental physics. Key DM2000 features are:

    • Completely programmable via OLE automation and includes full source code
    • Fast processing of huge tables (~100000 lines or even more!)
    • Powerful visual data editor, including point editing and curve translation
    • Support data export to/import from popular desktop applications
    • Arbitrary curve/plot transformations
    • Basic set of numerical operations: integration, differentiation, smoothing, etc.
    • Linear and nonlinear (Levenberg-Marquardt, arbitrary functions) least-squares fitters
    • Support remote data acquisition over Internet




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DM2000 VCL component library was developed as a part of open-source Data Master 2000 project and contains a set of components for complex visualization and editing of huge arrays of numeric data. Library includes powerful 2D graphic engine, special worksheet and other components that may be used in various applications oriented in technical and scientific graphics, data acquisition and processing.
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