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  Alexei E. Hmelnov [email][Home]

    Various Delphi utilities. Main focus - information extraction.




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The DCU32INT utility, Version 1.6

This program can parse the Delphi 2.0-6.0 and Kylix 1.0 units (DCU) and convert their information into the close to Pascal form. NEW for this version is support of Delphi 6.0 and Kylix 1.0 units.

DCU32INT stands for DCU32 INTerface, because the program can't extract the complete Pascal source, but the extracted unit interface is almost correct (with some restrictions). Besides from the unit interface, the DCU32INT utility extracts the unit implementation part and disassembles the code of procedures using a very basic i80x86 disassembler.

This program have passed successfully the "parse all .\LIB" test for all the supported by it Delphi and Kylix versions, i.e. it have parsed all units in the <DELPHI LOCATION>\LIB directory with no errors reported. [more]

Added: 13-02-2000/28-10-2001   |  Version: 1.6   |  Downloads: 4753/4688/27
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