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  K&K Development (Henning Kaas ) [email] 
  K. Brunn Ingenieurbüro (erik brunn) [email][Home]
  K. Nishita (K. Nishita) [email][Home]
  K. Poukhov  
  Kaed System (Kaed System) [email][Home]
  Kambiz R. Khojasteh [email][Home]
  Kamil Pogorzelski (Kamil Pogorzelski) [email][Home]
  Kanade's Delphi Stuff [email][Home]
  Karisma Software (Copyright 2002) [email][Home]
  Karl Chase  
  Karl Pienaar [email] 
  Karl Pienaar [email] 
  Karl-Heinz Kroenig|CPFreiburg (Karl-Heinz Kroenig) [email][Home]
  Karl-Otto Rosenqvist [email][Home]
  Karl-Otto Rosenqvist [email] 
  Karl-Otto Rosenqvist [email][Home]
  Karlos Jorge Pinto [email][Home]
  Karsten Bendsen (Karsten Bendsen) [email][Home]
  Kas Tu (Kas Tu) [email][Home]
  Kassl GmbH (Horst-Dieter Kassl) [email][Home]
  Kaveh [email] 
  Kazantsev Andrey [email] 
  Kazuhiro Sasaki [email][Home]
  Kazuhiro Sasaki [email][Home]
  Kcraft Ent [email][Home]
  Kees Raijmaekers [email][Home]
  Kees Raijmaekers [email][Home]
  Keith A. Hunter [email] 
  Keith A. Hunter [email][Home]
  Keith Darragh  
  Keith Hawes  
  Keith Patrick [email] 
  Keith Rome [email] 
  Keith Wood [email] 
  Kelly Baker  
  Kelvin Westlake [email][Home]
  Ken and Coda Hale [email][Home]
  Ken Friesen [email][Home]
  Ken Hale [email][Home]
  Ken Irving  
  Ken Jones [email] 
  Ken Kyler [email][Home]
  Ken McClain [email][Home]
  Ken Miles [email] 
  Ken Otto  
  Ken Schafer [email] 
  Ken White  
  Kendall Jackman  
  Kenn Nesbitt  
  Kenneth Dwayne Lee [email][Home]
  Kenneth G. Moffat [email][Home]
  Kenneth Harrison  
  Kenneth Harrison & John Ayers  
  Kenneth Hatlestad [email][Home]
  Kenneth R. Clemens (Kenneth R. Clemens) [email] 
  Kenneth R. Kyler [Home]
  Kenneth W. Clubb [Home]
  Kent Miller  
  Kent Phelps [Home]
  KERN CS Poland [email][Home]
  Kerstin Thaler [email] 
  Kestral Computing P/L (Grahame Grieve) [email][Home]
  Kev French  
  Kevin Adams  
  Kevin C. Dorff  
  Kevin R. Smith  
  Kevin Savko  
  Kevin Winspear (kevin@bui98.freeserve.co.uk) [Home]
  Khaled Shagrouni [email][Home]
  Kharkdan Software  
  Khivrich Ilya [email] 
  Kiev Software Factory [email][Home]
  Kim Bo Madsen [email] 
  Kim Friis Pedersen [email][Home]
  Kim Hovorka [email] 
  Kim Madsen [email][Home]
  Kinetic Software  
  Kinson Software (Clive Tompkinson) [email][Home]
  Kiril Antonov [email][Home]
  Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.) (Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)) [email][Home]
  Kiril Antonov - Hronos Ltd (Kiril Antonov) [email][Home]
  Kirill E. Shpitsa [email] 
  Kirill&Dmirty Surkov, Sergey Korostel, Andrew Matsukow [email][Home]
  Kirk Wolak  
  Kjell Hasthi [email][Home]
  Klaus Goldstein [email] 
  Klaus Köth und Partner GbR (Yves Köth) [email][Home]
  KMS (Kire Zvezdakoski) [email][Home]
  Koen Van Baelen [email][Home]
  Kok Chee Chiong [email] 
  Konrad Baechler [email][Home]
  Konstantin [email] 
  Konstantin Borodachev [email][Home]
  Konstantin Ignatov (Konstantin Ignatov) [email] 
  Konstantin Savelyev [email][Home]
  Korbitec (Korbitec) [email][Home]
  Korzh company (Uri Siman) [email][Home]
  Korzh Sergey [email] 
  Korzh.com (Sergiy Korzh) [email][Home]
  Kosta Corriveau [email][Home]
  Kovacs Attila Zoltan [email] 
  Kray (Kees Raijmaekers) [email][Home]
  Krzysztof Bacalski [email] 
  Krzysztof Hryniewiecki  
  Krzysztof Swiatkowski [email] 
  Krzysztof Szyszka [email][Home]
  Kuan-Da Chen  
  Kuba Szostak [email] 
  KukVar LTD, Moscow, Russia (Iiraiida Koocklina) [email][Home]
  Kurt Fitzner [email][Home]
  Kurt Kosnar [email] 
  Kurt Senfer [email] 
  Kurt Spitzley [email] 

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