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KA HTMLGrid looks exactly as Borland's DBGrid but it works in any web browser with CSS capabilities
Currently this Web Grid supports IE, Netscape 7, Mozzila.
Opera is also supported but you must turn off CSS for form controls.
Microsoft(r) ADO(tm) must be Installed in order component to run.
  • Support to bind to any TDataset compilant Database (BDE,ADO,KAAdo,KADao, etc.)
  • Can work in non-database mode (data can be loaded from any CSV formatted text file but Master/Detail cannot be used)
  • Buildin export to: MS Excel (XLS),MSAccess (MDB), Text (CSV TAB Delimited), Paradox (DB) and dBase (DBF) (REQUIRES MS MDAC INSTALLED ON THE HOST COMPUTER)
  • Buildin print capabilities
  • Buildin FirstPage, NextPage, LastPage, PreviousPage, RowsPerPage methods
  • Buildin selection of visible columns (User can select which columns to be displayed)
  • Build in sorting by columnd - ascending and descending and also to clear sorting
  • Build in MASTER/DETAIL support
  • Build in SUM and AVERAGE calculations for each column
  • Edit mode for both database and non-database modes
  • Build in AddRow, DeleteRow, CancelUpdate and Update
  • BuildIn Puckup lists for any column and "Limit To Pick List" capabilities
  • BuildIn checkboxes for boolean values
  • Build in LoadFromFile, SaveToFile (FOR CSV FILES)
  • Support for user defined plugins (Visible in the right toolbar)
  • Easy support of images in the grid (comes with two programs for runtime send of images)
    Web modules supported:
  • Conlose CGI (pure cgi 1.1)
  • ASP COM server
  • Conlose CGI (pure cgi 1.1)
  • ASP COM server
  • Delphi WebBoker CGI
  • Delphi WebBoker WINCGI
  • Delphi WebBoker ISAPI/NSAPI

    KAHTML Grid has the following limitations when used in DATABASE EDIT MODE:
    Two different applications must not use same tables in the same database. This comes from the fact that KAHTMLGrid cannot use bookmarks to identify records (bookmarks are loosed between two CGI/ISAPI/ASP sessions). If You have two scripts that use same tables from the same database # for example one for regular users and one for database operators the script that is used by database operators must call the LockAll/UnlockAll and CleanupAppEdits routines after he has updated the tables. This ensures that regular users will not damage data in the database.
    Usage of these routines is explained in the help file.
    Note: Demo version of the component does not have these routines.

    KAHTMLGrid is tested with the following Databases:
    • 1. MS Access Databases via ADO and DAO
    • 2. MSDE 2000 (MS SQL Server 2000) via ADO
    • 3. Paradox databases via ADO and BDE

    Price with full source included - 199.95 USD
    Added: 30-06-2003   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 231/231/2
    Author:Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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    KA Export for Delphi can export any Dataset, dbGrid or StringGrid to the following list of file formats:
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Access
    Borland Paradox
    CSV (Comma sepatared values text) with any type of delimiter you want
    KA Export uses ADO to perform exporting so you don't need any office package to be installed on the host computer.
    Most OS comes with ADO installed, so you don't need to install it (except for Win95/98)
    KA Export have 3 components:

    Demo is limited to export only 5 records from a table
    Price $19.95
    Added: 21-07-2003   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 157/157/0
    Author:Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    KADaoDBTreeView is a Database equivalent of the standard TTreeView.
    It can display hierarchical data stored in any database, which is TDataset compliant.
    KADaoDBTreeView is very fast and does not rely on database specific calls to display the data.
    Compared with some other DBTreeView systems KADaoDBTreeView is sometimes 1000% faster. This is not the only benefit of KADaoDBTreeView # it can sort data, move nodes up and down on same level or level-up and level-down in the tree. All changes reflect immediately in the relying database.
    KADaoDBTreeView always detect changes to the Dataset made outside the TreeView and rebuilds itself when such event occurs. It also offers Cached record data, synchronization with records, displaying orphaned records that does not belong to the tree structure of the Dataset.
    KADaoDBTreeView also can display the Root of all records in the database which is very useful in some cases.

    Demo version is limited to display only 10 Root Nodes
    Price $29.95
    Added: 21-07-2003   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 238/238/1
    Author:Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   Kiril Antonov (Hronos Ltd.)   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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