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Database connection handling components with multithread support. Has been created for use in f.ex. WWW applications (ISAPI servers). Now contains fully configurable caching mechanisms, Params editor for Delphi 3 and bugfixes. [more]
Added: 25-04-1999/15-08-1999   |  Version: 0.98   |  Downloads: 5223/3206/1
Author:Kim Bo Madsen   [DSP files]

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Latest version of the open source/free(info)-ware in memory table component TkbmMemTable. Although the beta label its very stable. Includes massive amounts of improvements and new features. Please join the memtable community at for support and for getting information about new releases. Also download the file and documentation (and dont forget kbmX10 (X10 house control) and kbmWABD (Rapid Web development tool)) from
Added: 13-05-2001   |  Version: 2.52i Beta   |  Downloads: 2452/2452/1
Author:Kim Bo Madsen   [DSP files]


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