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Handmade Library contains a large number of components, objects and routines for Borland Delphi 4 and 5 with full source code.
This collection includes over 20 native Delphi components and became a by-product of the different number of multimedia projects, developped by the authors.
ImageControl, ImageView, ImageEx, DBImageEx allow you to create preview picture boxes, presentation boxes, slide-show with dragging, zooming and video effects.
MapControl displayes multilayer graphics, such as geographical maps.
TFormattedTreeView, TFormattedListView, FormattedLabel enable the standard Delphi controls to display formatted text by using HTML tags.
AttributesEditor lets you create windows like Object Inspector in Delphi.
DecorativePanel allows you to arbitrary show left, right, top, and bottom parts of a panel border, place wallpaper, make the client area larger, than the control size.
Skinner will help to make your forms flash and attractive.
Names of some other components: RARDecompressor, MultiLanguage, LabelEffect. There are also others. Try it, and you will find Handmade components to be handly and useful for all your projects.
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Author:Kirill&Dmirty Surkov, Sergey Korostel, Andrew Matsukow   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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