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Shows Data in vertically way (like an object inspector). No more work with layout your data-aware components! The TCPFDBInspector offers an easy way to view and edit data from different datasources. It shows the data in a vertical way like your Objectinspector. So your users see your data in a user-friendly way. Without spending hours on layout-work on your form. Also the component saves Windows-Ressources, because it doesn't need for each datafield an own control. It uses data-controls only when the user edits data. Simply drop the TCPFDBInspector on your form and set the property Datasource. Thats all! There is no need to write special-stuff or to set thousands of propertys. It simply works! Price: 10$US Source included after registration Exe-Demo included.
Added: 25-09-2000/1-10-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 646/638/0
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