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Version 1.0 : TParameter is a component that handles command line parameters and switches. Has properties (TStringlist) and events for Parameters, and Switches used. NEW in Version 1.1 : each Parameter and Switch may have a Sub-Parameter ( Reference ). NEW in Version 1.2 : may handle not only the own Prog-Params - also pre-defined or redirected ones from other Programs.
INCLUDED - Original Version 1.0 by Thomas Moore. INCLUDED - DEMO ( Test ) Program ( EXE & Source ). Feel free to contact me about this Component.
Added: 3-01-1999   |  Version: 1.2   |  Downloads: 1686/1686/1
Author:Kurt Kosnar   [DSP files]

[ source-code-lister.exe ] [ 1,092,462 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
Rewrites the Delphi-Source to a self-defined standard and created ( by Option ) END-Remarks for Procedures and Functions and ( by Option ) creates Cross-References for Alpha-Constants Numeric-Constants and all used Tokens. Once you have set up all your Options you may work with the Program in 3 easy steps 1.) Select the Source-File you want to convert. 2.) use the "Create NEW-List" Button to convert the Source 3.) use one of the 2 SAVE Buttons to send the Files to the Destination-Path To select the Source-File you may use Drag and Drop. Output may be saved to the Work- or the Sourcepath. The Outputfiles may be used with Delphi. Cross-Reference-Lists are mainly used to optimize the Source-Code Html-Helpfile is included. Internet-INFO-System is included thru the Program.
is a Tool for Programmer
Added: 8-07-2002   |  Version: 02.06.28   |  Downloads: 445/445/3
Author:Kurt Kosnar   [DSP files]


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