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 Ulf Soderberg, Keith Hawes and Marc Palmer
    MULTILIZER provides the broadest support for localization in Inprise RAD environments. It is the only product that can be used in Delphi 1,2,3,4, C++Builder 1,3,4 and JBuilder 1&2. Support for other RAD products and outstanding technical scalability make MULTILIZER the leading product both for small and enterprise-wide RAD-localization solutions.
07-05-1997[DSP page]
 HREF Tools Corp.
    +Delphi Archive ( searcheable )
02-08-1998[DSP page]
 Dart Communications
    Light Lib Images, Light Lib Business
 Martin Djernas
    Trial edition available
28-02-1999[DSP page]
 TransCom Software Inc
      Tel: (03) 94973213 Fax: (03) 94971488
    DDE component for Delphi 4 & 5 very fast low memory cost without bug
13-02-2000[DSP page]
 Averjin Netware ltd.

    A mailing list to discuss 3D programming in Delphi, specifically it's application to games

12-10-1997[DSP page]
 Lars Akerman Software
    Web and WAP components for Delphi and C++Builder.
21-01-2003[DSP page]
 Cynthesis Software Inc.
    Cynthesis Software specializes in Internet application development and component development. The company primarily produces components for use with Internet applications that serve the developer community. In addition, a product called Surfer Central has been developed, which is an Internet address manager for Windows. Cynthesis Software also accepts contract work for the development of small applications.
14-08-2000[DSP page]
 Magenta Systems Ltd
    Magenta Systems Ltd has been undertaking package software development for over 20 years.
21-11-2005[DSP page]
 Steven Tucker
    TGrabURL is a native Delphi component capable of reading the browser name, document title, and URL from all major browsers. TGrabURL also provides a robust event system for actioning detected URL's. TGrabURL currently can read information from the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Opera (ALL sub-windows) NeoPlanet TGrabURL can read all URL's open in all browsers on the target system with a single call to its Fetch method.
12-03-2000[DSP page]
 Institute of Technology Carlow
07-06-1999[DSP page]
 Access Software Technologies Corp
    TTapi encapsulates the functionality of the Windows95/98/NT RAS API including the RAS API extensions and the Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking upgrades. It provides Delphi programmers with a simple, powerful interface to extend their applications with remote access.
05-09-1999[DSP page]
 Brain Patchwork DX
    Brain Patchwork DX, founded early 1999 by two innovative forces in the Internet and Developer communities. Ozz Nixon located on the East Coast of North America, founder of, a Delphi developers haven. And Internet Graffiti®, italian leading internet company specialized in hi-profile internet development. Our mission is to provide the best internet server component suite for both the Delphi and C++ community. By providing a commercial strength socket layer, simple to implement protocol layers, strong documentation and 24 hour support for customers.
24-10-1999[DSP page]
 Tybee Software
    MSIE Capture Component is used to capture the URL and Title from the active web page being viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Can be used to create a parental internet control program for monitoring what web pages are being viewed or to filter and block sites for children. Just drop the component on the form and call the Execute method. The URL and WindowCaption properties will contain the information of the active web page. Free updates and support.
23-01-2001[DSP page]
 Pragena Delphi Home
    Special components for Delphi. Network programming components. Multimedia programming components.
15-01-2002[DSP page]
 Jose Pascoa
    Atelier Web is devoted to the development of Winsock and communication software.
08-01-2001[DSP page]
 Solar Storm Software
    Solar Storm Software creates commercial applications using Delphi.
12-03-2000[DSP page]
 Hans Pupp
08-07-2002[DSP page]
 Martin Dummer
    Useful program that reports your time on-line, counts the fee(s). It has a logfile and a budget-planner. ( In future versions if ne1 wants them )
06-08-2000[DSP page]
 Michel Fornengo
    I live in the city of Toulouse, in the West South of France, where I work in the energy industry. My main interests are model airplanes and shareware authoring.
26-11-2000[DSP page]
 Russ Beuker
    The OrbSock suite of components includes TOrbTraceRoute, TOrbPing, and TOrbResolve. These winsock components are threaded and will not block your application. A simple demo app is included with each component.
17-08-2000[DSP page] Inc
    This archive contains; TMtkPPPMgr - This component manages multiple protocols of class TMtkCustomPPP. TMtkCustomPPP - This component encapsulates the base functionality required for all inherited Protocol Components. Functionality such as; how to send a new message, how to reply to a message, how to handle duplicate messages and how to store messages and peer information. The MtkCustomPPP component handles all kinds of network topology, be it STAR or RING. Messages are propagated through the network and responses are handled by the component's encapsulated logic. This custom component is designed io reduce the coding required to implement a new protocol. Design your own Peer to Peer protocols by inheriting the functionality of the TMtkCustomPPP component. Manage multiple protocols within your application by using the TMtkPPPMgr component. Peer to Peer communication has never been easier. Using this component suite allows any application to become a peer in a network with
16-11-2000[DSP page]
 Gregory Timmons
    Shadeline Software specializes in Winsock and Communication software and components. All components and software are donatationware, but will never be crippled (No timers, limits, or anything like that sort).
28-12-2000[DSP page]
 Software Cave
    Meet Mobile FBUS! The ideal solution for creating software that connects to Nokia mobile phones. Send SMSes, manipulate operator logo's, use monitoring, access phonebook, and much, much more. These components are fully functional, but have some limitations, but will still showcases the possibilities of Mobile FBUS for Delphi. It contains a logo editor, allows you to upload ringtones, send SMSes and more.
13-03-2001[DSP page]
 microOLAP Technologies
    microOLAP Packet Sniffer SDK library set for Windows (former Network Investigation Suite) is the most powerful development suite for network packet capture
20-12-2004[DSP page]
 delphi-winsock mailing list
    This delphi mailing list is for winsock related questions.
  [DSP page]
    Who's is a state of the art bartering website that uses applications created using Delphi to help the everyday person find anybody around the world with whom to trade products or services. We offer an advanced database search and the ability to chat online with people who have what you want. Select from a wide range of products or services and locations from around the world to find.
10-03-2002[DSP page]
    Extended MAPI in DELPHI 5 (Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Edition)
28-10-2001[DSP page]
 Antonio Alcázar Ruiz
    Ver 0.5 delphi web object inspector GranPrimo is a set of component/s to control/debug your remote application via Web. You put GranPrimo component in your application, and then you can see the screen, process, components and properties of your remote pc/ application
01-08-2002[DSP page]
 Kenneth Dwayne Lee
    CGI component and demos for CBuilder and Delphi. DB Aware with all source code included.
29-01-2002[DSP page]
 Exotics Components

    Exotics Components was created in may 2002 from the research and development of Delphi components for use in comercial applications of the company Exotics Informática Ltda (

    After recent personnel additions to the components development team of our mother company, it became evident the oportunity to transform this division of the company into a self-contained company.

    The focus of the new company is the market of Delphi components, through the improvement of the existent component set (developed by Exotics), turning its use more general and creating customer technical support lines.

24-06-2002[DSP page]
 Stasa Jerinic
    SendMail is an application for broadcasting mass e-mails. It is a command line tool, which can be controlled by batch files or makefiles. All parameters (e.g. From, To) needed to send an e-mail can be defined eigther as command line parameters, an Ini file or in the registry. Values for the parameter fields can be read in from defined text files. Each text file can include further text files by containing a "$I file" line. SendMail uses a SMPT server to deliver the e-mails and not Exchange/Outlook. For example: sendmail / /TO=c:\to.txt /CC=c:\cc.txt /REF=Meeting /MESSAGE=c:\message.txt ATTACHMENTS=c:\attach.txt
19-08-2002[DSP page]
 Bernd Dietzel
    X-Mailer Homepage, Source downloads, latest Versions, Donates
07-03-2005[DSP page]
 LionKnight Software
    Makers of Instant Messaging suite VCL that lets a programmer build his own MSN Messenger compatible private messaging system with the LionKnight MSNXFer Control and LionKnight Server or send and receive MSN Messenger, file, string or binary messages using the MSNXFer, FileXFer, MsgXFer and BufferXFer controls.

    We can put a reciprocal link with your logo in our site if you give as the code and also send you a copy of the software.
  [DSP page]
    PF provides modern solutions for information management systems in different business areas such as transport systems, merchandizing, medicine, tourism as well as office administration service. Our products written in different programming languages provide complete solutions and incorporate the following: a program which meets specifications and requirements of the client instruction and training of the client and users further support and modification of the program(product) standard projects design to help to provide full service and functionality of the product
28-09-2004[DSP page]
 microOLAP Technologies LLC
    microOLAP Technologies provides DB connectivity, network, and GIS related components and tools, DB administrator tools.
21-07-2003[DSP page]
 Progsan Software
    EasyNet is a Collection of Native Delphi Components which implement full Windows Internet API (known as Win-INET) as well as W3C HTML DOM (Document Object Model). With the power of EasyNet you can develop any kind of applications which need to interact with HTTP 1.1 protocol and HTML Documents. For example you may need EasyNet to download or upload files from web, or to integrate your application with web-servers, you may develop a crawler (like search engines) just in minutes. Benefits of Easy Net Collection ------------------------------- * Easy to use.With the Easy Net, handling the web files are as easy as handling the local files. Drop it to the form, set the file url, and call SendRequest method with a File Stream variable. That are easy enough to downlad a web file * Fast Downloads.It Shares the same web cache and the cookie database with the Internet Explorer. In case of a download operation, first the Easy Net checks for the availabilty of the cache. If the
18-08-2003[DSP page]
 TOPS Corp.

    TOPS Corp. is a custom software developer. Among other we develop all purpose SMS and EMS mobile messaging applications cooperating with SMSC via CIMD, SEMA, UCP and SMPP protocols.

    More information can be found at our web site.

  [DSP page]
 Antonio Alcázar
    TGranPrimo: Custom web remote control for programmers, in one component, is more that a simple remote control program , you not only access to the screen or files, but you can access to the internal components in your program, log exception and actions and much more...
21-06-2004[DSP page]

    TOPS is a custom software developer. Among other we develop all purpose SMS and EMS mobile messaging applications cooperating with SMSC via CIMD, SEMA, UCP and SMPP protocols.

    More information can be found at our web site.

12-07-2004[DSP page]
 Josef Schützenberger
16-05-2005[DSP page]

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