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    Exotics Components was created in may 2002 from the research and development of Delphi components for use in comercial applications of the company Exotics Informática Ltda (

    After recent personnel additions to the components development team of our mother company, it became evident the oportunity to transform this division of the company into a self-contained company.

    The focus of the new company is the market of Delphi components, through the improvement of the existent component set (developed by Exotics), turning its use more general and creating customer technical support lines.




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ExoTrans is a set of Delphi components that simplify the creation of client-server applications delivering both a flexible and reliable communication tool and a very small overhead (less than 50k) in program size.

Each client request and corresponding answer from the server are achieved through an event-driven transaction (thus the name ExoTrans). A transaction consists of a sequence of events where the relevant data being transfered from both ends of the connection can be delivered and retrieved.

ExoTrans main features:

  • Client and Server applications can either run on the same machine or over the LAN or Internet.
  • Uses either TCP or file system to communicate over the LAN thus working even if no TCP drivers are installed (protocol-independent).
  • Clients can automatically locate the servers they want to connect to in the LAN (or locally).
  • Servers can also automatically locate other servers running in the LAN (or locally).
  • Each client request can be assigned a request priority which will be considered by the server when processing concurrent requests.

Added: 24-06-2002/8-07-2002   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 770/770/4
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