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    Who's is a state of the art bartering website that uses applications created using Delphi to help the everyday person find anybody around the world with whom to trade products or services. We offer an advanced database search and the ability to chat online with people who have what you want. Select from a wide range of products or services and locations from around the world to find.




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Barter and Trade World Communicator is a chat application that allows you to search and communicate with anybody from around the world with whom to trade your product or service. Communicate with people in 178 countries and in 40 languages. World Communicator interfaces with our website and chat server to find a particular person. This application, which was created using Delphi, is totally free and membership is also free. HTTP and TCP proxy server supported. [Screen shot] for more information [click here]
Added: 23-09-2001   |  Version: 1.98   |  Downloads: 362/362/1
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