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  O.B.you! [email][Home]
  O.Cagatay DOGAN (O.Cagatay DOGAN) [email] 
  Oakley Data Services  
  Oberon Informatiezuilen [Home]
  Object Domain Systems [email][Home]
  Object Lessons, Inc. [Home]
  Objective Software Technology [email][Home]
  Objective Software Technology Pty Ltd  
  Objects Across the Water (Steve Garland) [Home]
  Objects Built for You!  
  OCERIS, Inc. [email][Home]
  ocloud software (screen) [email][Home]
  OEC Nederland (Jurg van Vliet) [email] 
  OfficeSoft LLC [Home]
  Oivind Müller [email] 
  Oivind Müller [email] 
  Ole Willy Tuv [email] 
  Oleg Chernavin [email][Home]
  Oleg Chernavin [email][Home]
  Oleg Dantchenko [email][Home]
  Oleg Davydoff [email] 
  Oleg Davydov [email] 
  Oleg Fyodorov [email][Home]
  Oleg Gopaniouk [email] 
  Oleg Soubatchev [email] 
  Oleg Subachev [email][Home]
  Oleg Tchenski [email] 
  Oleg V. Paschenko [email][Home]
  Oleg V. Safonov (Millennium Group, R&D) [email][Home]
  Oleg Zavgorodnij [email][Home]
  Olga Vlasova [email][Home]
  Olgierd Niemyjski [email][Home]
  Olgierd Niemyjski [email][Home]
  Oliver Bruhn [email] 
  Oliver Dillinger [email] 
  Oliver Schneider  
  Olivier "Wolf" Bellone [email] 
  Olivier Dahan [email][Home]
  Olivier Devue  
  Olivier Rogier [email][Home]
  Olivier Touzot [Home]
  Omar Reis [email][Home]
  Omer Yasar Can [email][Home]
  OmniCom GmbH [email] 
  OneMeg.com (Bill Mullen) [email][Home]
  Online-Admin.com (Serguei Khramtchenko) [email][Home]
  Onno Kortmann [email][Home]
  OnTYme Software  
  OOPSoft Inc. [Home]
  Opaque Software  
  Ophart Phonpalad [email] 
  Optima Software Ltd. (Fabio Lopes) [email][Home]
  Opus Software GmbH [email][Home]
  Oracle [Home]
  Orbital Decisions (Pty) Ltd [email][Home]
  Orbital Decisions (Pty) Ltd [email][Home]
  OrbitSoft - Predrag Vujic [email][Home]
  Orchard House [email][Home]
  Orishenko Yurij [email][Home]
  Ortus (Ortus) [email][Home]
  Osman Taskin  
  Otis Viles [email][Home]
  Ott&Hoppe GbR [email][Home]
  Oussama Al-Rifai [email][Home]
  Out & About Productions [email][Home]
  Oxygen Software (Oleg Fyodorov) [email][Home]
  Oystein Jakobsen  
  Oystein Jakobsen [email][Home]

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