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[ D4 ]
Microsoft Office Interface Components.
It contains 2 components:
    1. TGridToExcel
    • Able to send data from TStringGrid or inherited form TStringGrid.
    • Ignore column that its width less than 1.
    • Able to specify starting row and column.
    • Compatible with all version of Microsoft excel.
    • Property
      Grid: StringGrid name you want to send its data to exce
      ColStart: column started to send.
      RowStart: row started to send.
    2. TMemoToWord
    • Able to send data (all lines) in Tmemo components to Microsoft word.
    • Able to specify templates (*.dot) for that document.
    • Compatible with all version of MicroSoft office
    • Property
      Memo: Tmemo components you want to send its contents to word.
      Template: Document Templates name. (using absolute path such as, c:\ms offices\template\

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