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    Delphi and C++Builder freeware and shareware components




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Volga Component Library contains TVolgaDBGrid, TVolgaDBEdit, TVolgaCalendar, TVolgaPeriod, TVolgaFindEdit and TVolgaMeter
Added: 26-12-2000/11-12-2002   |  Version: 3.3 - Nov 2002   |  Downloads: 2717/2705/4
Author:Olga Vlasova   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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VolgaDB Engine 2.0 consists of TVolgaTable, TVolgaQuery, TVolgaDatabase components and Volga Data Desktop utility for local access to flat files in own format without BDE. Mail features: - all standart TDataSet methods, properties and events, support all visual DB-aware components; - compact file format, supporting strings, numbers, dates, booleans, memos, images; - range and filter records, copy records, synchronize two tables; - sort "on the fly", fast search records, find context, locate and lookup; - clone and batch move, temporary in-memory tables; - execute simple SQL queries for Volga database; - cached updates and much more... Volga Data Desktop (VDD) is tool program for managing tables in own format. It may be used to transfer Paradox or DBase tables into Volga format or to execute similar functions, as standart Borland Database Desktop. Download VDD separately.
Added: 8-01-2001/18-02-2001   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 724/724/1
Author:Olga Vlasova   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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