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Delphi Freeware Label Components.

Hot Label (TOHHotLabel)
Useful when you want to be informative like the standard label but also be seen to react to mouse clicks.

URL Label (TOHURLLabel)
A label that behaves like a link in HTML.

Symbol Label (TOHSymbLabel)
This is the Symbol Label. It is intended for scientific and mathematical programs. Without it you either have to hope that the user understands x2 means x-squared or use several separate TLabels.

Readout Label (TOHReadoutLabel)
The Readout Label is intended for scientific and mathematical programs. It simplifies the display of derived values along with a caption and their units. So the label is divided into three parts displayed left to right - the original caption, a value (usually numeric but provided as a string) and the value's units.

List Label (TOHListLabel)
The List Label simplifies the display of a static list or grid of values.

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