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    Mensand software develops all kind of components for Delphi and C++Builder. We have received the Inprise Certified Consultant Sertificate. We also are member of the Borland T.C.B. (Third Party Component Builder) program. Major component tool is QReport Artist with ActiveX scripting support. Authorize Artist is a easy to use authorization program just point and click in the Delphi IDE and your application has the most powerfull user authorization system build in. Greetings from Mensand software.
16-04-2000[DSP page]
 Gerrit Wolsink
    Printing of "RichText" with DELPHI 2, 3 and 4 The printing of "Richtext" (RTF) textual documents is not well supported by Borland in the, as a part of Delphi delivered, RichEdit component. The adjusting of paper margins, text of the title, page numbers, border lines, logo of a firm and print preview is missing. In order to lift these shortcomings I have written a special non-visible RichPrinter component. Every type of font in every colour, size and style can everywhere be printed on the page with the aid of the component. Further there can be placed a bitmap logo everywhere on the paper page. On a printer preview can been shown on screen how the pages will look as they will be printed on paper. In the included Word document "RichPrint component explanation" the working is explained. The component has three important functions: a. Adjusting printing pages margins, orientation and paper format, b. Print preview (two windows), c. Printing the RichText to the prin
02-08-1999[DSP page]
    The Vista team is made up of highly skilled mathematicians, systems analysts and programmers who, having worked in a wide variety of financial institutions, have an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the Russian economy and its procedures. We combine this experience with the latest technology in order to bring you the best possible tools with which to analyse and participate in the Russian and other markets. Vista is committed to providing value for money services for the custom development of software and hardware solutions in your business. We specialise in the automation and computerisation of accounting systems and other complex financial and investment software. We have already designed, developed and installed systems for computerising 80 private pension fund management systems (which corresponds to over 1000 sites). We are also involved in providing support for specialised hardware devices utilised in the financial services industry.
31-10-1999[DSP page]
 André mens
    Components for Borland Delphi 2,3,4 and C++ Builder. Disk utilities.
21-03-1999[DSP page]
03-01-1999[DSP page]
    By internal agreement Baltic Solutions is splitting into two companies. New company ProGa is formed to develop, support and market HTMLReport product. Sales, upgrades, and support for the HTMLReport will be supplied by newly formed company ProGa. All this restructuring will not affect any of existing HTMLReport users. They will be supported by new company.
05-09-1999[DSP page]
 Tree Solutions Srl
    R2K is a component to preview and print auto-formatted report from TDataset. Simply setting your Dataset in Report2K you obtain a formatted report. At design time you can format your report with an easy-to-use and powerful editor and see the result immediately. You can preview and print full report at design time, too. You can define groups with unlimited level and set the fields to totalize for each group. You can define group fields to print in header or rows. You can design a single column with more fields in multiple rows. High-performance report generation. Duplex printing function.
13-02-2000[DSP page]
 Eugene Kuchugurov
    EK RTF report components for Delphi
01-02-2006[DSP page]
 Nick Gabb
    Enhanced Printable StringGrid component
25-03-2001[DSP page]
    Synactis is a publisher of development tools all written in Delphi. We currently have 2 products for Delphi developers: - PDF In-The-Box for Delphi: works like TPrinter, but writes a PDF file. - The Infocenter Suite: a complete suite of tools for data extraction, analysis, presentation and publication.
25-02-2002[DSP page]
 combit GmbH
    With List & Label you have nearly unlimited possibilities to equip your application with professional reporting capabilities - even possible via email and the Internet/intranet. The integrated List & Label Designer provides you and your end-users with a complete layout facility. It's an exceptional tool for creating reports, lists, forms and labels. You design everything visually. It doesn't matter whether you integrate the Designer in your application and redistribute it or not. It's royalty free! Distinguish your application from the rest with List & Label's powerful functions for producing reports, charts, lists, forms and labels. You can choose whether to integrate List & Label quickly or with complete flexibility. Quickly using VCL/VB data binding and a few mouse-clicks plus a single line of program code, or with complete flexibility in just a few lines of code.
20-05-2002[DSP page]
 vtkTools company
    vtkTools - group of the developers of the software. Main directions of activity - Development of libraries ensuring fast development of the programs. - Development of program and hardware-software complexes of automation of technological processes. - Development of the programs by the orders of the clients. Our priority means of development - Borland Delphi. We execute development of the programs under the operating system Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
03-06-2002[DSP page]
    ReportMachine is reporting tool component. It consists of report engine,designer and preview.ReportMachine is written on 100% Object Pascal and can beinstalled in Delphi 5-7 and C++Builder 5-6.
23-06-2003[DSP page]

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