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    Synactis is a publisher of development tools all written in Delphi. We currently have 2 products for Delphi developers: - PDF In-The-Box for Delphi: works like TPrinter, but writes a PDF file. - The Infocenter Suite: a complete suite of tools for data extraction, analysis, presentation and publication.




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PDF In-The-Box for Delphi is a VCL component that works like Delphi's TPrinter but writes a PDF file! No printer driver to install, no intermediary file to create, no conversion to do, no need of knowing anything about PDF structure. Just an easy-to-use API to write text and draw grids and graphics. Available options ----------------- Option 1: compiled component. Supplied for Delphi 4, 5 and 6 platforms. Option 2: includes Option 1, plus component source in Delphi language. Can be compiled with Delphi 4, 5 and 6. Feature list ------------ The PDF In-The-Box component has the same interface as TPrinter (BeginDoc, EndDoc, NewPage, Abort methods). It also has a compatible Canvas property. All you have to do is write text and draw graphics onto the canvas. When you invoke the EndDoc method, the PDF file is generated! The PDF canvas supports the following properties and methods, as they are defined in Delphi's TCanvas class: Brush, Font, Pen, PenPos, Arc, Chord, CopyRect, Draw, Ellipse, FillRect, FrameRect, LineTo, MoveTo, Pie, Polygon, Polyline, PolyBezier, PolyBezierTo, Rectangle, RoundRect, StretchDraw, TextExtent, TextHeight, TextOut, TextWidth. Moreover, PDF In-The-Box supports extra features such as: - Memo management: the DrawText method can print clipped wrapped texts with smart hyphenation, horizontal and vertical alignment. - Grid management: a set of powerful methods let you draw grids and fill cells. - Font management: PDF In-The-Box supports all TrueType fonts. Each font definition can be embedded in the file or not, at your choice. Usual font sub-properties (name, size, color, style) are supported. Moreover, PDF In-The-Box can write angled text. Images can be compressed or not, using Jpeg or Flate (also called ZLIB) algorithm, at your choice. PDF In-The-Box is thread-safe. PDF In-The-Box doesn#t need Adobe Acrobat or any third-party software to generate PDF files. Application deployment ---------------------- Applications using this component can be freely deployed. No run-time license needed. Limitations of the demonstration version ---------------------------------------- The demonstration version stamps PDF documents with a large logo across all pages.
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