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    ReportMachine is reporting tool component. It consists of report engine,designer and preview.ReportMachine is written on 100% Object Pascal and can beinstalled in Delphi 5-7 and C++Builder 5-6.




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1.ReportMachine is reporting tool component. It consists of report engine,designer and preview. 2.ReportMachine is written on 100% Object Pascal and can be installed in Delphi 5-7 and C++Builder 5-6. 3.Built-in Tow powerful Designer(GridReport Designer and Report Designer) that can be accessible at run-time. 4.Easy use and powerful Report Previewer. 5.TRMGridReport Work like Excel,Every Cell can set to Useful component set: Text,Picture,OLE,RichText,Chart. 6.TRMFormReport have powerful function to print Form,you can print a Form(Include Edit,Memo,ListView,Grid...) in one line code by use TRMFormReport.(Sample1,Sample2,Sample3,Sample4,Sample5) 7.TRMReport and TRMFormReport's Interface is Open,You can also write your own components. 8.You can Export your reports to other File formats,such as htm,mht,Excel xls and other. 9.Built-in Object-Pascal like Interpreter that allows you write code in Report(without programming in Delphi). This allows you to create reports that can't be created using other tools. 10.Script editor with syntax highligt. 11.ReportMachine can work in any database library based on TDataset component. 12.ReportMachine Can Localization by use language Resource. You can use RM in international applications. 13.when you use ReportMachine you can find many other powerful features.
Reportmachine for other delphi version can found on my web
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