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Advance version of the TImage component with new performant features. Fast display (double buffered) without any flicking while resizing, stretch ratio, center image, scroll image(without scroll bar), area selection, resize the physical image on the fly, caption, etc. [more]
The shareware version only work while Delphi IDE is running. It's possible to register the component for 19$US via paypal.
Added: 4-01-1998/8-01-2001   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 4438/4401/2
Author:Janick Fortin   Janick Fortin   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Fenestra Technologies' Barcode Control provides a clean, intuitive way to add barcode generation support to any application written with Borland Delphi 3 and above, or Borland C++Builder 3 and above. Using the Barcode Control is simple. Simply drop it on any form or panel, select a symbology, assign a caption, and you're done! For those who want total control, almost every visual aspect of the barcode is customizable, and each symbology has its own configurable options as well. In addition to being painted on forms, barcodes can be printed, copied to the clipboard (in both raster and vector formats), saved as bitmaps or Windows metafiles, and more. Currently available symbologies are: Code 39 & Extended Code 39 Code 128 A, B & C Code 2 of 5 Interleaved 2 of 5 EAN 8 EAN 13 UPC Version A UPC Version E Codabar POSTNET Because of the Barcode Control's modular design, other symbologies can be implemented and added very easily. Under consideration for future development are several 2D symbologies, including MaxiCode, PDF417, and Aztec Code. Full source code is included when you purchase the product.
Added: 23-07-2001   |  Version: 1.00   |  Downloads: 706/706/0
Author:Fenestra Technologies Corporation   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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TBlowupPanel It's an addon component for Envision Image Library. It displays a small part of the pixel configuration around the cursor in the main window in a TImageScrollBox component. The content of the blowup window changes as the cursor is moved around the document. The size of each pixel in the window is enlarged to ease the operation of fine tuning the cursor to a specific point and to see image details as with a magnify lens. You can set the zoom factor of blowup window from 1x to 100x
Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1090/1090/1
Author:Francesco Pucino   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Easy to create user-define combine shape;
Draw,Drag,Resize,Rotate the Shapes by mouse or code;
Can delete a shape or all shapes ;
Allow save to file or database field, easy to recall it ;
Can add shape,combineshape by code ;
Support printview and print.
Select or customer define page(or canvas) size .
Show grid , set grid width or height ;
Snap to grid , easy to draw shape ;
Group/Ungroup shapes ;
WhenPress [Ctrl],there is a square or circle ,horz./vert. line appear.
Support layer,visible or invisible a layer, print one or more layer,delete layer
Can set the ratio.
Can Lock/Unlock Shape;
Can show hint(Shapename) when mouse enter a shape;
Publish more events give you a interface to you application ;
Can export bitmap,Jpg,Wmf file.
Can work under at Delphi 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 BCB 4.0 5.0 6.0

Added: 3-02-2003   |  Version: 2002.8   |  Downloads: 463/463/5
Author:hongbin.fei   True Image Component Company   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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TDeskewTransform It's an addon component for Envision Image Library. The component allows to auto detect and correct the skew of an image. The skew is the little inclination who usually haves a scanned or faxed page. To deskew an image means to estimate and fix this imperfection. Correcting the skew allows to: * Have lower file size using CCITT-G3, CCITT-G4, Rle and PackBits compression algo * Improve results using OCR and ICR products * Obtain a perfect image at first shot, with no need to re-scan o re-fax the original The component is fast and accurate: on a PIII 600Mhz detect the skew of a 300 DPI A4 size image in less then one second with a 0.1 degree accuracy !
Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1744/1744/6
Author:Francesco Pucino   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Imaging Toolkit for Delphi is a set of VCL components for image processing and acquisition. The VCL components includes:
  • Enhanced components to display and print images.
  • Image file import and export classes supporting the most popular file formats and compressions.
  • A thumbnail viewer for displaying images stored in the different file formats.
  • Components to print images and present print previews.
  • Colour format conversion, thresholding.
  • Histogram manipulation.
  • Filters to enhance images and remove noise, user defined filter kernel, etc.
  • Geometric transformations to scale, rotate etc.
  • Transformed images are interpolated using a bilinear, bicubic,.. methods.
  • Mathematical & logical methods.
  • Morphology
  • Record images from TWAIN compilant scanner or camera.

    Included file formats:
  • BMP, Windows or OS/2 Bitmap
  • DIB, Windows or OS/2 DIB
  • GIF, Graphics Interchange File
  • JPEG, Joint Photographics Expert Group
  • PBM, Portable Bitmap
  • PGM, Portable Greymap
  • PNG, Portable Network Graphics
  • PPM, Portable Pixelmap
  • TIF, Tag Image File Format, single or multi page
  • TGA, Truevision Targa
  • PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush
  • SGI, Silicon Graphics Image

    OCR, Optical Character Recognition is available in the Add-On module OCR Toolkit for Delphi.

    The included sample projects and online help shows how to use the components.

    Professional edition (Source code) Euro 295,-
    Standard edition (No source code) Euro 125,-
    The Imaging Toolkit for Delphi is Royalty free!

    Visit our Internet page on the Imagin g Toolkit for Delphi for more information.

    Source code is available in the Professional edition.
    Added: 3-03-2003/20-10-2003   |  Version: 1.6   |  Downloads: 411/407/2
    Author:Marc Martin   MCM Design   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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    This is module with two very useful graphical functions: rotate and sprite images. They are written on assembler with MMX instructions and optimization. It increases performance of these procedures fourfold versus using CPU and FPU.
    Added: 26-03-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1537/1537/0
    Author:Alexey Zverev   Alexey Zverev   [DSP files]

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    EasyMap VCL is a Delphi/C++Builder components set for creating your own GIS-related solutions without MapInfo, MapX, MapObjects, WinGIS etc. EasyMap VCL allows to add following functionalities in Delphi/C++Builder application: (1) MIF/MID vector maps displaying in Longitude/Lantitude projection; (2) Map objects related data in grid or tabular controls displaying; (3) ZoomIn/ZoomOut/Pan/Selector map tools; EasyMap Object Model allows to display on the map embedded into your application data from most of known datasources: RDBMS, flat DBs, your own formats etc. EasyMap is royalty free product!
    Added: 21-07-2003   |  Version: 1.2   |  Downloads: 265/265/4
    Author:Edwrd Smirnov   microOLAP Technologies LLC   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    TGraphLink is a component representing and displaying graph edge for directed and undirected graphs
    Registration price - 50$. You will receive complete source code (including Help sources), free upgrades.
    Added: 30-11-1997/26-03-2000   |  Version: 3.05   |  Downloads: 2376/2375/0
    Author:Elena Lisenenkova   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    TScaleToGrayTransform It's an addon component for Envision Image Library. The component allows to resize a monochrome image using scale-to-gray technology. The scale-to-gray technology allows to preserve image details at low zoom factors using different gray levels. You can specify the gray shades from 4 to 256 and set the zoom percent factor from 1% to 100%. With this component you can display a black and white image in an enhanced mode, making it easier to view. Displayng the same image using standard antialiasing and hi quality scale-to-gray you can see the difference !
    Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1000/1000/0
    Author:Francesco Pucino   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    ResizerPanel keeps the childs controls proportionally resized to the panel, independently of any user resizing. With this you can easily deploy applications which resize to the actual screen resolution. All original VCL components are perfectly resized by adjusting not only its size, but every other properties that define screen dimensions. You can resize has many times as you want and for whatever dimensions you want without losing the original position of the components. No special coding is needed.
    Added: 28-09-1997/21-11-1999   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: n/a
    Author:Carlos Barbosa   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    3 VCLs
    - 7 segments digital display
    - round/rectangle led
    - NEW: I have added a knob with a led on it, a led level display (like on HiFi system).
    Licensing: Use however you want, if you don't make money with it
    Added: 23-09-2003/29-09-2003   |  Version: 1.1   |  Downloads: n/a
    Author:TyBreizh29   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

    [ link: liens.php?id=5 ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ]
    [ D5 ]
    1 VCL:
    - standard Delphi "BitBtn" with led on it
    - On / Off / Blinking Led state
    - Round / Rectangle Led
    - user can change led colors
    conditional FreeWare eg free for freeware development
    else 1$ + 1 postcard
    Added: 29-09-2003   |  Version: 1   |  Downloads: n/a
    Author:TyBreizh29   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 ]
    The THy3DManView component display a 3D man or woman model. The model can be translated, rotated, and zoomed in real time. The numbers of polygons of the 3D model can be selected to smooth the movements. This target is been achieved with a sophisticated algorithm for reducing polygon complexity in real time. You can add other objects to the man or woman model ( called "markups" ) interactively or by programming. This markups are loaded from a 3DS compatible file and can be rotated and translated horizontally and vertically. All the markups and their position can be saved / loaded from file or stream.
    Added: 12-03-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1289/1289/1
    Author:Hyrix   Hyrix   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 ]
    ImageEn. Component suite for image processing and analysis. TIFF (RGB,CMYK,G3/G4 Fax,LZW,CIELab), PNG, BMP, PCX, JPEG (RGB,CMYK,YCbCr,YCbCrK), JPEG-IPTC read/write textual informations (read/write all Jpeg markers), animated GIF (LZW and Non-LZW), ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, DIB, RLE, TGA, PPM, PGM, PBM file formats; FULL TWain scanners control (without display scanner user interface), video capture (real time image processing, all video formats supported), hidden video capture (without display preview), thumbnails grid, create GIF/AVI animations, vectorial objects (lines, box, ellipses, text...) over bitmaps and more. Effects preview dialogs in english, italian, german, spanish, french, portuguese, greek, russian or customized by user, advanced open/save dialogs. Store hidden text/binary inside images. Regular and irregular, sizeable and moveable selections (wth MagicWand). Fourier transformation (FFT) for frequency domain elaborations. Native printing support. Pure VCL code, no DLL required. Price 65 Euro or 170 Euro with src.
    65 Euro or 170 Euro with src.
    Added: 3-10-1999/28-08-2001   |  Version: 1.9.7b   |  Downloads: 4781/3103/15
    Author:Hyrix   Hyrix   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
    Hyrix Technologies Srl   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
    Compatible files:  [ D3 | D4 | D6 | C3 | C4 | C5 ]

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    TJMDisplay - version 1.00 A simple, but very realistic (picture based) LED display indicator for integer numbers. Code footprint it's only 11kB when compiled in Delphi 6, without bitmaps or other resources in executable.
    Added: 14-04-2002   |  Version: 1.00   |  Downloads: 617/617/3
    Author:Jose Mauro Marinho   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 | D6 ]

    The MarchingAnts Suite is an professional graphics editing tool. Create and manage any shaped animated selection area to limit the editing area of your canvas.

    MarchingAnts works in conjunction with any image manipulation algorithm to provide users absolute control over graphical effects and tools.

    • NEW! Clipboard Cut/Copy & Paste
    • NEW! Region Streaming
    • NEW! Help Documentation (Over 140 pages of information)
    • NEW! DemoDrawingBounds.exe - Using custom non-rectangular DrawingBounds.

    Selection Tools Include:

    • Magic Wand with Tolerance Level
    • Freehand
    • Point To Point
    • Selection Creation (Rectangle, Square, Circle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square, Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon & Octagon)
    • Text / complicated regions.
    Other Features Include:
    • Clipping Areas
    • Drag and Drop
    • Automatic Scrolling (scroll into view)
    • Zooming
    • Pen and Fill tools (in Demo)
    • Boundary management.
    • Masks Support (import and output)
    • Extensive Path and Region routines library (including RegionToTPath)

    Selection areas are an integral part of Adobe Photoshop™ & Paint Shop Pro™. Provide your users the same features provided by these products quickly and easily.

    Trial download includes a demonstration (FeaturedDemo.exe) which is almost a complete graphics editing application.

    Added: 18-03-2002/25-07-2002   |  Version:   |  Downloads: 545/536/3
    Author:Andrew C. Xuereb   Shrubware Pty Ltd   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 ]
    TAutoOrientTransform It's an addon component for Envision Image Library. The component allows to auto detect and correct the orientation of an image. The orientation of a page can be landscape or portrait. To auto-orient an image means to estimate if a landscape page is in portrait mode or viceversa. Using this capabilities in scanning application you can acquire both portrait and landscape pages in portrait mode and the component will auto rotate the page when necessary !
    Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 929/929/0
    Author:Francesco Pucino   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 ]
    TOverviewPanel It's an addon component for Envision Image Library. It shows a complete overview of the image contained in the main windows in a TImageScrollBox component. The purpose of this extra windows is to display the entire document while only a part is visible in the main window. You will notice a small frame of customizable color in the overview window when viewing an image. This frame corresponds to the area visible in the main window. When panning around the document, the square moves orrespondingly. When the zoom factor in the main window is changed, the size changes, enclosing the new area selected for viewing. When moving the cursor over this window, if you click the mouse button, the colored frame follows the pointing hand to the new position and updates the contents in the main window. The colored frame can also be dragged around by holding down the left mouse button while it is moved.
    Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 948/948/0
    Author:Francesco Pucino   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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    [ D5 ]
    PowerCAD package includes components for designing 2D CAD applications. Just put them on your form and make your own AutoCad, FreeHAnd or CorelDraw.
    Added: 16-04-2000   |  Version: 01   |  Downloads: 1590/1590/3
    Author:M. Ali Caliskan   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
    Compatible files:  [ D3 | D4 ]

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