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    Founded in 1996 by its current President, Rick Rogers, Fenestra Technologies Corporation is a leading software construction firm located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Fenestra constructs innovative software to create business value for its government and private-sector clients. Fenestra has a wide range of software and web development capabilities. Please let us know how Fenestra Technologies can help you. Fenestra Technologies Corporation 20410 Century Blvd., Suite 230 Germantown, MD 20874 Phone: (301) 916-8800 Fax: (301) 921-9857 E-mail: Web: Newsgroups:




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Event Journal from Fenestra Technologies provides a simple and automatic way to hook into and log all user-interface events (such as selecting menus, clicking buttons, minimizing windows, etc.) for any Borland Delphi or Borland C++ Builder application. Without Event Journal, software developers at best must make educated guesses on how their applications are being used in the field. With Event Journal, you are able to peer over your your user's shoulder as they use the application (see the online help for a note on privacy). Using the TFTEventJournal component is simple -- drop the component onto your existing application's main form, and all user-interface events are automatically logged with no further coding. The event journal provides the raw data you need to answer to such vexing questions as: What are the exact user-interface steps leading up to an unhandled exception? (Great for tracking down those pesky hard-to-reproduce problems!) How do users actually use my application in the field? What can I do to make my application easier to use? In addition to automatically logging user-interface events, the Event Journal also facilitates debugging your application. You can manually add debug strings to the journal by calling the LogUserMessage method, plus you can create your own custom events and plug them into the architecture. Event Journal includes an Event Viewer application that enables the you to browse, filter, export, and print the event journal. You can use the Event Journal only while beta testing, or you can leave it in your final application -- the choice is yours. You can even distribute the Event Viewer to the end-users of your software to assist in technical support.
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Fenestra Technologies' Barcode Control provides a clean, intuitive way to add barcode generation support to any application written with Borland Delphi 3 and above, or Borland C++Builder 3 and above. Using the Barcode Control is simple. Simply drop it on any form or panel, select a symbology, assign a caption, and you're done! For those who want total control, almost every visual aspect of the barcode is customizable, and each symbology has its own configurable options as well. In addition to being painted on forms, barcodes can be printed, copied to the clipboard (in both raster and vector formats), saved as bitmaps or Windows metafiles, and more. Currently available symbologies are: Code 39 & Extended Code 39 Code 128 A, B & C Code 2 of 5 Interleaved 2 of 5 EAN 8 EAN 13 UPC Version A UPC Version E Codabar POSTNET Because of the Barcode Control's modular design, other symbologies can be implemented and added very easily. Under consideration for future development are several 2D symbologies, including MaxiCode, PDF417, and Aztec Code. Full source code is included when you purchase the product.
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