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  Shrubware Pty Ltd (Andrew C. Xuereb) [email][Home]

    Since its inception in 1998, Shrubware's core focus has been the development of commercial graphics software. In March 2002 Shrubware entered the VCL market with the release of the popular MarchingAnts Suite.




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The MarchingAnts Suite is an professional graphics editing tool. Create and manage any shaped animated selection area to limit the editing area of your canvas.

MarchingAnts works in conjunction with any image manipulation algorithm to provide users absolute control over graphical effects and tools.

  • NEW! Clipboard Cut/Copy & Paste
  • NEW! Region Streaming
  • NEW! Help Documentation (Over 140 pages of information)
  • NEW! DemoDrawingBounds.exe - Using custom non-rectangular DrawingBounds.

Selection Tools Include:

  • Magic Wand with Tolerance Level
  • Freehand
  • Point To Point
  • Selection Creation (Rectangle, Square, Circle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square, Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon & Octagon)
  • Text / complicated regions.
Other Features Include:
  • Clipping Areas
  • Drag and Drop
  • Automatic Scrolling (scroll into view)
  • Zooming
  • Pen and Fill tools (in Demo)
  • Boundary management.
  • Masks Support (import and output)
  • Extensive Path and Region routines library (including RegionToTPath)

Selection areas are an integral part of Adobe Photoshop™ & Paint Shop Pro™. Provide your users the same features provided by these products quickly and easily.

Trial download includes a demonstration (FeaturedDemo.exe) which is almost a complete graphics editing application.

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