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The Nozicle WebAccess components allow your Delphi application to access a database via a webserver. TNozicleDataset interacts with a database via PHP scripts (included). This component lets you use a webserver as a database server for MySQL and other databases. No DLLs or proprietry server/middleware are required - only need to copy the two provided PHP scripts to the webserver. TNozicleDataset is a descendant of TDataset, so all data aware components can be used including quick reports. It supports most datatypes including BLOBs and Memos.

TNozicleServerScript allows your application to run an arbitrary script on a webserver. Parameters can be passed to the webscript and results sent back to your application.

These components allow you to use a webserver as platform independant middleware, i.e you can run the webserver on Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc even if your application is Windows only. You can easily host your database using an inexpensive hosting company - only requirement is PHP and MySQL database (both standard items with most hosting plans).
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