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Use DBManager to manage all oracle objects, it replace in only one tool all packs from Enterprise Manager, and more features like:
  • Session Monitor with details ( Sql runing, objects used, statistics, kill session, etc)
  • Lock Monitor showing who is locking object, machine, username, lock type,
  • Show Segment Fragmentation from tablespaces and graphic location from object.
  • I/O Monitor with Charts
  • Job Monitor to Manage submited jobs , You can see executions, fails and change properties
  • Process monitor, usefull for a SO kill like UNIX kill or OraKill on NT
  • Charts from SGA Status.
  • Charts from Block buffers Area
  • Database Statistics
  • Non Documented Oracle Parameters
  • Multiple SQL Windows execution with reserved words in HighLight.
  • EasyExecution Plan
  • View All Object Estructures like, Table, indexes, constraints, links, sequences,etc
  • Export Query Results to Text File.
  • Generate Reports from query results
Dbmanager does not need installation, only a sql*net or Net8 compatible
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