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TDSPQUERY component pack. This is a component pack designed to get the maximum speed creating database applications. There are five components
  • TDspQuery: An advanced TQuery component with many enhancements
  • TAdvDspQuery: Like TDspQuery but fastest locating records (and of course, much better than TQuery component). It gets nearly the same performance of a TTable locating records. It is specially designed to work in applications that handle a very large amount of data.
  • TDspDataSource: A component to synchronize a TAdvDspQuery component with a dataset. Used to work with TDbGrids.
  • TRefreshFrmDb: will refresh all the datasets that are open, in dsbrowse state and not linked to any datasource in the DataModule or in the Form where the component is. It will refresh every x seconds.
  • TRefreshAllDb: will do the same as TRefreshFrmDb but it will do for all the datasets that are in the application.

These components are sell for only US$50 and you can buy at
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