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94  Hagen Reddmann
85  Paolo Segu' (Paolo Segu')
80  Leo D. Shih
76  Diégo DELPY (Assemple Informatique SARL)
45  Dejan Crnila
41  Michael Dürig
38  Alcides Valega
37  Wilfried Mestdagh (Wilfried Mestdagh)
35  Zloba Alexander
34  Kambiz R. Khojasteh
34  Michael in der Wiesche
34  Bojan Nikolic (Bergsoft)
34  Alcides Valega
34  Fedor Koshevnikov ...
34  Peter Bone
33  David Barton
32  Sebastián Mayorá (Sebastián Mayorá)


[ ] [ 554,899 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, add, rename and delete resources in Win32 executables and resource files. Incorporates an internal resource compiler and decompiler and works on Win9x, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP. [more]
Added: 13-02-2000/24-03-2002   |  Version: 3.4.0   |  Downloads: 1713928/1682730/11592
Author:Angus Johnson   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 52,211 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 ]

Two components are provided that enable applications to support Windows Explorer file drag and drop. The components are:

  • TPJDropFiles - This windowed component catches files dropped anywhere over its window. It can act as a container for other components.
  • TPFormDropFiles - This non-visual component catches files dropped anywhere on its form, including the non-client areas.

Key features of these components are:

  • An OnDropFiles event is triggered when files are dropped.
  • The names of dropped files are made available through the Files array property. For convenience, the name of the first file is also stored in the FileName property.
  • The list of dropped files can be configured to include only files, only folders or all files and folders.
  • Dropped folders can be recursed so that all the files and sub-folders in each of the dropped folders are listed.
  • Filters can be applied to the dropped files and folders. This is done in one of two ways: (1) by handling the OnFileFilter event and deciding which files and folders to pass through the filter and (2) by linking the drop file component to a special file filter component, derived from the abstract TPJFileFilter. In this case the dropped files are automatically filtered by the filter component. Two filter components are provided: TPJExtFileFilter that filters according to file extensions and TPJWildCardFileFilter that filters using DOS-style wildcards. Developers can create further filter components by deriving from TPJFileFilter.
  • The mouse co-ordinates where the files were dropped can be retrieved, as can a reference to any control under the mouse cursor at the time.
  • The OnBeforeDrop event can be used to do pre-processing before the files are actually dropped.
  • The IsFolder array property tells if an equivalent item in the Files list is a file or a folder.
  • The owning window can be brought to the front when files are dropped.
  • Some design time assistance is provided by component and property editors.

A OpenHelp compatible help file is included that integrates with the Delphi IDE.

This release contains a refactoring of the component editor in the design unit.
Added: 24-07-1999/7-11-2005   |  Version: 4.1.1   |  Downloads: 5179/4943/99
Author:Peter D Johnson   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 31,891 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 | D2 ]

This unit contains classes that encapsulate Windows 32 bit binary resource files and the resources contained in them. The main functionality is provided by two classes:

  1. TPJResourceFile # encapsulates the contents of a whole resource file and provides methods and properties for reading, finding, editing, adding and deleting resources. Resource files can be read from and written to files or streams.
  2. TPJResourceEntry # encapsulates a single resource within the file and provides properties to access its header record and its raw data. The class also provided methods to check the identity of the resource. The resource's raw data is made available as a TStream and so is easily read and written using familiar TStream methods.

Note that the classes have no knowledge of resource data formats and see the resource data simply as a raw sequence of bytes. It is for the user of the class to interpret the data correctly.

In addition to the two main classes, some useful helper functions and constants are also provided.

The download includes a UserGuide that provides detailed description of the classes, along example code for the key methods.

Added: 7-11-2005   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 97/97/97
Author:Peter D Johnson   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 692,947 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | D4 | D5 | C3 | C4 ]
Delphi Encryption Compendium Part I.
A Compendium of various fast Hash-,Checksum- and Encryption algorithm, includes:
  • 40 Ciphers (IDEA, Blowfish, Twofish, DES, Square ...)
  • 23 Hashs (MD4/5, SHA/1, RipeMD, Havel, Tiger ...)
  • 5 Checksums (CRC32, CRC16-CCITT, CRC16-Standard ...)
  • 6 Textformats (MIME Base 64, XX/UU Coding, RFC1760 Six Word ...)
  • 2 Randoms (LFSR Linear Feedback Shift Register with variable Period upto 2^2032-1 ...)
  • with Ciphers can be encrypt in Modes CTS/CBC/CFB/OFB/ECB
  • Ciphers supports Message Authentication Codes in CBC-MAC/CFB-MAC/CTS-MAC
  • fast Implementation (i.E. Blowfish > 8Mb/sec, MD4 > 27Mb/sec)
  • full and easy objectorientated
  • High optimized Assembler Core
  • Designtime Components to managing Cipher- and Hashclasses
  • Message Authentication Codes for all Hash's (Internet RFC2104-HMAC's ...)
  • Internet RFC2289/RFC1760/RFC2444 One Time Password Routines as Component
  • Self Test Support for all Cipher-, Hash- and Checksumclasses
  • multiple cascading (chanining) from all Cipher-, Hash-, Random- and Compressionclasses
  • all Cipher-, Hash-, Randomclasses can be encrypt, decrypt, scramble and wipe any Inputs as String, Stream, File or Buffer in multiple chaining modes
  • detailed and full DEMO, Docus for implemented RFC's

Added: 18-04-1999/5-09-1999   |  Version: 3.0   |  Downloads: 31885/27430/94
Author:Hagen Reddmann   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 1,713 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 ]
A simple component to import/export CSV file to StringGrid
Added: 7-11-2005   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 85/85/85
Author:Paolo Segu'   Paolo Segu'   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 1,376,305 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 ]
LsFileExplorer28.pas (version 2.885) consists of three components, viz.:

  1. TLsDirTree21 - is a simple but fully functional Directory TreeView, that display directory structure in a TreeView, and files of the selected directory in a popup FileListview. It supports creating, deleting, renaming, copying, moving and dragging-n-dropping operations on directories. It can also map or disconnect network drives.
  2. TLsDirTreeCombo28 - is a specialized ComboBox with dropdown TreeView, displaying a hierarchical tree of drives and directories of the FileSystem.
  3. TLsFileListview28 - is a File Listview component, which is operating in virtual mode and optimized for high capacity and fast speed access. In addition to its normal functions, it can also:
    • Perform various file management tasks, such as copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, open, view, send-to or drag-drop operations on files;
    • Copy files to, or paste files from, Windows Explorer or other applications;
    • Accept dropping files from Windows Explorer;
    • Produce statistics on drives and directories.

Both TLsDirTree21 and TLsFileListview28 provide Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish language support in addition to default English language. Source codes and executable Demos are included. For detailed information please refer to LsFileExplorer28.txt.  [more]

Added: 3-07-1998/2-11-2005   |  Version: 2.885   |  Downloads: 25152/20653/80
Author:Leo D. Shih   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 34,922 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D6 | D7 ]

FIRST : New MessageBox with Free Button's Name and Button's Number, and HTML formatted Message.



Message := /* an HTML String */ ;

Buttons := 'Yes#13No#13Perhaps#13I don't know' ;

Answer := BM('Do you love me ?',Message, Buttons) ;

Case Answer of

1 : // Yes

2 : // No

3 : // Perhaps

4 : // I don't know

End ; // Case


Very easy to use.

SECOND : Function BM use HTML interpretor :

TextHTMLOut( TargetCanvas, X, Y, HTMLString, {Var} Height) ;

Wich can be use to create THTMLLabel, THTMLButton,

THTMLEdit, or directly used on FormPaint event manager contains :

PTestUBM.dpr 194 octets (sample dpr)

DDU_Public.pas 145 841 octets (TextHMLOut function)

UBM_Public.pas 5 557 octets (BM function)

UTestUBM.pas 692 octets (sample pas)

PTestUBM.res 876 octets (sample res)

UBM_Public.dfm 493 octets (sample dfm)

UTestUBM.dfm 498 octets


but I my main language is French

If you speak French ....

Added: 2-11-2005   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 76/76/76
Author:Diégo DELPY   Assemple Informatique SARL   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 148,579 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | C3 | C4 | C5 ]
A set of components for writing serial communication program. Components included: TComPort, TComDataPacket, TComTerminal TComComboBox, TComRadioGroup and TComLed. With these tools, you can write serial application faster and easier than ever. A Delphi context sensitive file included.
Added: 11-10-1998/14-05-2000   |  Version: 2.60   |  Downloads: 45008/28435/45
Author:Dejan Crnila   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 73,768 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 | C3 | C5 ]
XStringgrid is an extended version of the stringgrid which offers a lot more flexibility. It's possible to apply different colors and fonts to each column and it's header and align the content of the cells. In addition it offers different inplace editors which can be assigned to columns to edit their cells. So far edit, combo, maskedit, updown, checklist, button checkbox and form inplace editors are implemented. TXStringgrid also implements a flexible sort mechanism. This version includes a simple mechanism to control the style (i.e. color, font...) of each cell. See the demo project to get started.
Added: 18-03-1997/30-06-2003   |  Version: 2.6   |  Downloads: 17956/17319/41
Author:Michael Dürig   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 1,981,448 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
[ D6 | D7 ]
Improvement of the standard IBX IBQuery component for Delphi with all his original functionality plus a set of new features that convert it in a powerful partner of the programmer. This allow you to create queries in ease way and give to the end-users the chance of modify it through an intuitive interface using a natural end-user language. They have not need to know the SQL language, they don't see the real tables and field names, you enter descriptive names for tables and fields that the end-user can understand, besides all text messages including the logical operators like (=,<>, >, <, >=, etc.) can be changed by descriptive phrases like "is not equal to". Demo programs with exes included and documentation in english and spanish languages. Standard edition $29.95 Developer edition (all sources included) $59.95
Added: 2-11-2005/7-11-2005   |  Version: 1.0.1   |  Downloads: 38/38/38
Author:Alcides Valega   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 6,986 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | C3 | C4 | C5 ]
TCiaComPort is a Delphi component (full source included) for serial communications. It is full event driven and fires an event when data is available. It has also a 'LineMode' property in case you want to receive packets wich ends with particulary characters.
Added: 18-03-2002   |  Version: 1.05   |  Downloads: 10812/10812/37
Author:Wilfried Mestdagh   Wilfried Mestdagh   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 12,733 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 ]
ZLPortIO - This unit allow your application direct access port input and output under all versions of Microsoft Windows
Added: 20-05-2001   |  Version: n/a   |  Downloads: 15212/15212/35
Author:Zloba Alexander   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 81,259 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 ]
The Wave Audio Package provides seven components for playing and recording of wave audio formats, two components for storing wave data as Delphi resources, one audio mixer component, and one high resolution multimedia timer. The package has also a set of useful functions for manipulating wave audio's. The package's components are:
  • TAudioMixer
    Provides an easy interface to manage audio mixer controls.
  • TWaveStorage
    Stores a single wave audio and provides access to its informational fields.
  • TWaveCollection
    Stores a collection of wave audio's as resource and provides access to their informational fields.< /LI>
  • TAudioPlayer
    Plays a wave audio, which is stored in the component.
  • TAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio and stores it in the component.
  • TStockAudioPlayer
    Plays wave audio from a TWaveStorage or TWaveCollection component, a stream, or a file.
  • TStockAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio to a TWaveStorage or TWaveCollection component, a stream, or a file.
  • TLiveAudioPlayer
    Plays wave audio from user defined buffers.
  • TLiveAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio to user defined buffers.
  • TAudioRedirector
    Records wave audio from an input audio device and plays it on an output audio device.
  • TMultimediaTimer
    Is a high resolution timer.

Added: 18-08-2003/25-07-2005   |  Version: 1.602   |  Downloads: 3987/3974/34
Author:Kambiz R. Khojasteh   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 339,281 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 | D8 | D2 | C5 | C6 ]
These sources provide a Delphi (2-8 and 2005) direct interface to PGP requiring a preceding (!) full installation of PGP 6.5.x, 7.x, 8.x or 9.x.

Available capabilities:

  • Encoding and decoding (encryption/decryption/signing/verifying)
  • Creating and verifying file detached signatures
  • Importing, exporting, revoking, deleting keys
  • Several key management functions
  • Key generation (DH/DSS, RSA)
  • X509 Certificate support
  • Keyserver functions
  • Some utilities

New in Version 4.2.0:

PGP 9 support has been added (see help file for details):

  • The most relevant changes apply to handling preferences, see Preference Types.
  • TSigPropsRec has a new member, see Signature Types.

Added: 21-11-1999/8-09-2005   |  Version: 4.2.0 - 08/2005   |  Downloads: 11347/9609/34
Author:Michael in der Wiesche   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 898,146 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
[ D6 | D7 | C6 ]
NextGrid is a powerful Delphi/CBuilder Grid. It is very easy to use it (in design-time with using Column Editor and in run-time). NextGrid have much more features than standard Grid, attractive look (full XP themes support), it is extremely fast (quick sorting, data manipulation, drawing...).
Added: 25-07-2005   |  Version: 3.2   |  Downloads: 405/405/34
Author:Bojan Nikolic   Bergsoft   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 2,919,043 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
[ D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 | C5 | C6 ]
The most improved package of the AVLock series. This Delphi component let you to convert your application to time limited trial in a very easy way!! In the version 5 all tasks has been integrated into a new utility called AVLockManager, namely: Configure the component. Run the application to evaluate your settings. Unregister the application in order to try again. Manage all users for each application. Generate Keys and ship it to your users. AVLockGold also allow you: Rent your software sending a new Registration Keys for each new period. Manage up to 254 extra modules. Two lock strategies; install code based and user name based. Take full control of your application through registration codes, each one of them for the main application or for a extra module, each one with its own registration settings. Manage the number of users logged to your app at the same time (instances of your app). Generate Generic Keys which allow you to register all users with the same version of your app with only one Registration Key. Utilities by generation and manipulation of registration keys. Registration data encripted for a more secure operation. Four demo applications included. Documentation in english and spanish languages. Strong Rijndael encryption algorithm used in RegKeys, registration data and all sensitive files. In v5.2 a new feature "MoveReg" has been added in order to move to another computer all registration data. Free for not commercial use. Limited edition $39.95 Standard edition $74.95 Developer edition (all sources included) $149.95
Added: 18-10-2004/7-11-2005   |  Version: 5.3.3   |  Downloads: 542/533/34
Author:Alcides Valega   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 1,233,627 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 ]
Unofficial Delphi VCL Extensions (RX version 2.75) Library port to Borland Delphi 7
Added: 12-02-2003   |  Version: 2.75   |  Downloads: 5824/5824/34
Author:Fedor Koshevnikov   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Igor Pavluk   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Serge Korolev   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Oleg Fyodorov   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Markus / NONAME   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 223,737 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D5 | D6 | D7 ]
3D rendering engine for Delphi

Includes source code for handling 3D graphics without using an API, such as OpenGL.

Includes code for :

  • Building a 3D model
  • Translating the model
  • Rotating the model
  • Rendering the model
  • Flat shading
  • Gouraud shading
  • Lighting
  • Back-face culling
  • Z-Buffering
  • (!) Does not yet include texture mapping
Also includes an example delphi project and executable of a 3D juggling club to demonstrate how to use the code.
Added: 12-05-2003   |  Version: n/a   |  Downloads: 4646/4646/34
Author:Peter Bone   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 194,340 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D4 | D5 | D6 | C3 | C4 | C5 ]

DCPcrypt is an open source library of cryptographic components (encryption and hash algorithms) for Borland Delphi 4, 5, 6, C++ Builder (3?), 4, 5, 6 and Kylix 1, 2 for Linux.

The idea behind DCPcrypt is that it should be possible to "drop in" any algorithm implementation to replace another with minimum or no code changes. To aid in this goal all cryptographic components are descended from one of several base classes, TDCP_cipher for encryption algorithms and TDCP_hash for message digest algorithms.

DCPcrypt v2 contains full implementations of the following algorithms:

  • Blowfish, Twofish
  • Cast-128, Cast-256
  • DES, 3DES
  • Ice, Thin Ice, Ice2
  • IDEA
  • Mars
  • Misty1
  • RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6
  • Rijndael (the new AES)
  • Serpent
  • TEA
  • Haval
  • MD4, MD5
  • RipeMD-128, RipeMD-160
  • SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
  • Tiger

Added: 19-01-1999/25-07-2002   |  Version: 2 Beta 2   |  Downloads: 10107/10058/33
Author:David Barton   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 26,482 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | D7 ]
EDBImage is a replacement for DBImage. Store .jpg .wmf .emf .ico .bmp in your database WITHOUT a line of code. Other formats can be stored from an event (ANY other format). QREDBImage is the QR printable version of EDBImage. Easy of use, try it now!.
Any database supported (Interbase, SQLServer, MSAccess,etc).
Added: 16-11-2004   |  Version: 1.6   |  Downloads: 1348/1348/32
Author:Sebastián Mayorá   Sebastián Mayorá   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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