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 Robert Jones
    SK Computer Solutions
05-09-2000[DSP page]
    Wide experience of development diversified software since games finishing systems of a corporate network
  [DSP page]
 David Barton
    Home of DCPcrypt, an open source cryptographic component library available for use with Delphi 4, 5, 6, C++ Builder (3?), 4, 5, 6 and Kylix 1, 2.
01-08-2002[DSP page]
    Tools&Comps is a company focused on creating components and tools for Delphi Developers. At our page you will find important information about our products as well various Delphi articles and some free stuff.
27-08-2000[DSP page]
 Personal Systems Design
    The Multimedia Developer Suite was developed for Delphi programmers who want to realize multimedia projects with those typical effects that are well known from other multimedia authoring tools while having all the opportunities that Delphi provides.
25-01-1999[DSP page]
 TSM Inc.
    SLockPK uses the power of public key encryption to protect your software. Recognized by experts as the only secure way to protect software, public key crypto provides a level of security higher than hardware dongles, but in software.
05-09-1999[DSP page]
 Alexander Rodigin
    The component protects your executable with CRC16 making impossible to modify it either by wish or by accident.
25-06-2000[DSP page]
 Raeil Software Solutions
    Powerful, reliable, fast version control solution. Full-featured version control with parallel development (browse/open/restore version history). Definable time decay (revisions or days). Automatic file comments. Batch find/replace in files. Project analysis/reporting. Comprehensive event logs. Project backups. Internal file editor (ASCII, HEX, Form Object, Graphic). Messages and file requests. Undo file changes. Project backups. User level security Powerful source file compression and encryption. On-line help. Easy to use robust interface. Very small resource foot-print.
12-09-1999[DSP page]
 Kinson Software
    Business solution providers.
02-08-2000[DSP page]
 Andre N Belokon
    Interbase related information, some FreeIBComponents add-on, Encryption software, Delphi experts, tools and components.
19-03-2001[DSP page]
    RITLABS is a software company oriented to internet-based technologoes, communication, encryption and data security.
27-02-2000[DSP page]
 FHH Firma Henrick Hellström
    FHH is a small independent operation. We are dedicated to the developement of new methods for smooth, flawless and secure transmission and storage of data in multi user environments. We originated in 1998 developing tailor made multi user database / spread sheet applications. Several Swedish universities are amongst our customers. Our interest in security issues descends from our experience working with these projects.
11-10-2000[DSP page]
 StreamSec HB
    We develop software components typical for Internet communication, and specialize in secure streaming connections for easy use.
11-10-2000[DSP page]
 Peter Petrov

    Two product lines designed to assist Delphi and C++ Builder developers

    Secure Enterprise for Delphi and C++ Builder

    Glance2000 - advanced process viewing tool - shows and all moduls loaded into your compurter's memory
23-09-2003[DSP page]
    We develop software components typical for Internet communication, and specialize in urgent and individual needs for secure channels of communication.  We believe that the basic need to communicate is what really shapes the future and this need will demand easy and secure channels of communication.
16-04-2002[DSP page]
 Dirk Paehl
    Crypther a file crypter. This dll supportet the following crypter: Blowfish, Cast128, Cast256, DES, 3DES, Gost, Ice, Ice2, Thin Ice, IDEA, Mars, Misty1, RC2, RC4, RC5, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael with the full keysize from this crypthers and the CBC-MODE. CHIPHER.DLL crypt with the full keysize from this crypter: Blowfish cipher use 448 bit keysize Gost cipher use 256 bit keysize Rijndael cipher use 256 bit keysize Twofish cipher use 256 bit keysize RC6 cipher use 2048 bit keysize RC5 cipher use 2048 bit keysize RC4 cipher use 2048 bit keysize RC2 cipher use 1024 bit keysize Misty1 cipher use 128 bit keysize Mars cipher use 1248 bit keysize IDEA cipher use 128 bit keysize Thin Ice cipher use 64 bit keysize Ice2 cipher use 128 bit keysize ICE cipher use 64 bit keysize 3DES cipher use 192 bit keysize DES cipher use 64 bit keysize CAST256 cipher use 256 bit keysize CAST128 cipher use 128 bit keysize. You can use this dll with all other compiler. Three delphi demo enclude. You can use this
29-04-2002[DSP page]
 risco software
    Ultraprotect is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files (delphi &BCB compiled program etc.)against piracy,using public keys encryption algorithms (RSA) to create and verify the registration keys and unlock some RSA key locked code,it has embedded cryptor against dump and also has many anti debug tricks.with specialized API system, mutual communication between loader and application is also can be achieved!
07-04-2003[DSP page]
 EldoS Corporation
    EldoS Corporation offers security and networking solutions for developers and end-users.
26-07-2004[DSP page]
    HardInfo 2.0 Pure Delphi Component to access computer BIOS rom memory like array and get unique information of computer,no VXD and DLL required Feature: Access computer BIOS rom memory in Win32 system like pascal array. Get unique information of Computer like HDD SerialNumber,ModalNumber,Firewarerevision,BIOS id,etc. Support Several HDDs in a system,can read unique HDD SerialNumber,ModalNumber,Firewarerevision in Primary or Secondary HDD(master/slave). Can easily combine BIOS Rom memory data and HDD serialnumber to create unique identification of a computer. All data direct from hardware interface ,not from windows register. Work on Win9x/Win2000/XP/Win2003.
22-02-2005[DSP page]
    With TSpywareScanner you can build your own Spyware\Adware scanner in several hours. It has everything you need to create a good hunter for malicious programs and BHOs. TSpywareScanner searches for malicious programs in files, registry and processes and asks what to do or simply deletes spyware without prompt. TSpywareScanner has a lot of properties and events which can customize all process of scanning, reporting, database updating and encryption. TSpywareScanner uses external malware database. There is a sample database in this package and a powerful DatabaseEditor program. Upon registration you'll receive another very large malware database. TSpywareScanner can also backup deleted files into special folder to restore them later. This package includes sources of sample spyware scanner build with TSpywareScanner. Malware types that TSpywareScanner finds and eliminates: - Spyware - Adware - BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) - Trojans - Trackware - Dialers - Keyloggers
24-08-2005[DSP page]

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