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RW Net Free is a general purpose shortest path library: Shortest/fastest path, 32 road classes, One-way streets, Supports 11 coordinate systems (incl. latitude/longitude), Supports km/h & miles/h, Royalty free distribution, Fast and compact. Full version all includes: Turn restrictions, Dynamic segmentation, Multi centered isochrones, Isogrids, Fast polygon based isochrones, Nearest facility, Travelling salesman, Assignment of traffic, Network analysis functions: (Join, Closenodes, Subnets, Parallel roads), Reads directly from TAB/MIF/SHP and Writes directly to DAT/DBF, Can handle very big networks.
Added: 17-10-2001   |  Version: 2.06   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Uffe Kousgaard, RouteWare   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Probabilities package is a selection of probabilities functions: PDF, CDF and Inverse CDF for 19 different distributions (binomial, geometric, hypergeometric, negative binomial, Poisson, discrete uniform , beta, Cauchy, chi-squared, exponential, F, gamma, Maxwell, normal, Pareto, Rayleigh, Student (T), Continuous uniform, Weibull....) This code had been taken from MtxVec 1.02 and does not require any dll's, but also does not offer any vector processing acceleration routines. The package also includes a Math unit, which can serve as a replacement for default Delphi Math unit. Next to many basic math functions it also offers complete support for complex numbers. [more]
Free for non-commercial use. Source for sale (49 USD)
Added: 6-08-2001   |  Version: 1.02   |  Downloads: 3100/3100/12
Author:Janez Makovsek   Dew Research   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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