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  Uffe Kousgaard, RouteWare [email][Home]

    RouteWare creates software for routing on street networks. From shortest path calculations to complicated multi centered isochrones.




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RW Net Free is a general purpose shortest path library: Shortest/fastest path, 32 road classes, One-way streets, Supports 11 coordinate systems (incl. latitude/longitude), Supports km/h & miles/h, Royalty free distribution, Fast and compact. Full version all includes: Turn restrictions, Dynamic segmentation, Multi centered isochrones, Isogrids, Fast polygon based isochrones, Nearest facility, Travelling salesman, Assignment of traffic, Network analysis functions: (Join, Closenodes, Subnets, Parallel roads), Reads directly from TAB/MIF/SHP and Writes directly to DAT/DBF, Can handle very big networks.
Added: 17-10-2001   |  Version: 2.06   |  Downloads: n/a
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