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[ abakus_c3.zip ] [ 2,249,796 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ]
[ C3 ]
Abakus VCL is a professional set of Borland Delphi and C++Builder realtime components for virtual instrumentation. Version 2.70 includes "flicker free" Compass, Meters, Bars (Gauge), Digital indicators (time, value), Tank displays, Operating Point display, Thermometer, 8Channel Trend/Recorder, a 2 Channel Trend display, Dial (knob), Sliders, LED-indicator, Switches, Button, DB-Aware components, ... and a threaded Timer to supply all our components with a common clock. Further informations at http://www.abaecker.de
Added: 7-06-1999/23-08-2004   |  Version: V 2.70   |  Downloads: 1978/1572/3
Author:Achim Baecker   Hard-& Software A.Baecker   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ appcontrols_trial.exe ] [ 14,176,995 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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The Advanced Application Controls (AppControls) is the set of over 84 top quality multipurpose components for all 32-bit versions of Delphi and C++ Builder. The package contains everything you need to add neat and, more important, truly professional appearance for your software, making development of great interfaces and internal utilities trully rapid. All components are highly integrated each other and extremely easy to use. All components is completely automated, so using AppControls, in most cases you will do not need to write ANY line of additional code and don't waste your time to make cosmetic features and professional software interfaces! The AppControls contains components to make the forms to behave like Applicaiton Desktop Toolbars (like taskbar or MS-Office panel) or "magnetic" forms of WinAmp player. Components to add the context-sensitive help without any help-files, additional custom buttons on the form title bar and associated menu items in the system menu; show smooth matrix- or win2k-based animation effects; balloon-style hints; additional color cursors for any VCL or non-VCL object of the forms. Your applications will be able to auto-run itself on Windows startup with restoring previous forms placements. Upload and hold any files inside of the Delphi/BCB forms. Create shortcuts to the files and read the information from existing shortcuts. Install new file types and associations into the Windows shell. Download files from the Web via HTTP or post data/files to the CGI programs. Auto-upgrade itself from the Web at once a newer release of your application will available. Hook the form messages and hidden application events, sniff the URLs and events from each running instance of Internet Explorer, get the list of all running processes and active TCP/UDP connections, hook ALL key presses, mouse clicks and mouse movements within entire application... and a whole bunch of other great features! See the detailed components overview (fore each of 84+ components) on developer's website... [more]
Help-file included.
Added: 13-03-2001/20-12-2004   |  Version: 3.6   |  Downloads: 1367/1338/5
Author:Aleksey Kuznetsov   UtilMind Solutions   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ befft.exe ] [ 1,877,981 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ]
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Do your applications look a little boring? Would you like to get spectacular yet easy to use visual effects? Billenium Effects will give your applications a different touch without interfering with your existing code. For example, just by dropping two components to your Splash Screen or About form they will be shown with a professional transition effect that will delight your customers. First impressions count!

Are you a multimedia developer? You have no better choice, our professional effects are OS independent. You'll get translucent controls working not only under Windows XP, but also under Windows 95, 98, NT, Me and 2000. You can use transitions not only with pictures but with any rectangle area of your forms, using your favorite components.

Cleaner yet powerful interfaces are possible by using embedded forms. Wizard or explorer-like interfaces are also easy. If you like TFrame but want better runtime capabilities then take a look at TFormContainer.

Useful for any kind of application. You will find interesting features for all your projects, whether they are games, multimedia, educational, technical or business applications.
Prices: 75$ without source code; 150$ with full source code
Added: 19-02-2001/3-02-2003   |  Version: 3.3   |  Downloads: 1164/1142/4
Author:Francisco Sanchez   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ c3ahmins.zip ] [ 2,127,377 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
AHM Triton Tools 98 consist of : 130 Trialware Components 18 Freeware Components the AHM Tools (a freeware add-on to the IDE)
Trialware available until 11/7/98
Added: 10-05-1998/17-05-1998   |  Version: Triton 98 Beta 1   |  Downloads: 1595/1595/0
Author:Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM)   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ coolctls.exe ] [ 5,108,492 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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CoolControls is award winning package (5 stars by ZDNet Library) of highly advanced components. More than 70 classes. Animation, transparency, wallpapers, imagemaps, regions. Easiest way to create WinAmp style programs (those with skins).
Added: 11-01-1998/29-04-2002   |  Version: 3.04b   |  Downloads: 2674/1732/1
Author:Artem A. Berman   Artem A. Berman (CoolDev.Com)   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ extrapak.zip ] [ 1,048,138 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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ExtraPack allows to You create of application with extra cool interface. Over 70 components for fast creating cool application. * Scheme components for your app (like NeoPlanet). * Run-Time scheme changing. * Region Forms and Panels with automation drawing bevels, borders and caption. * Change region in Run-Time. * Buttons of any shape (don't picture), native Delphi code.* Buttons like MS Autorun programs (label with illumination), rendered in Design-Time.* Buttons like much multimedia and game's programs.* Panels with wallpers and shadows, button with sound and more. * Original component realizing morphing. Buttons and panels with imposed texture. * Any components for store sound and bitmap files in your form.* Buttons with: images, transparency, middle-transparency, smoothed colors, different forms, shadows, Noise effect, focus and without focus, different applicability, morphing effect, gradient effect.* Panel with: transparency, middle-transparency, wallpapers and different forms.* Panel with automatic
Registration Fee $99 US Include exe-demo Trial version work when IDE is running
Added: 1-08-1999/5-12-1999   |  Version: 1.5   |  Downloads: 2206/2206/0
Author:Evgesoft Company   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ flex21.exe ] [ 1,605,092 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | C1 | C3 ]
OCERIS FlexControls Includes 14 components: *Year 2000 FlexDatePicker (with data aware version) *Year 2000 FlexCalendar with custom drawing events that are perfect for scheduling applications! *Control your TRichEdit and TDBRichEdit formatting with NO lines of code with the FlexRichEditController toolbar *Incredibly powerful message box in FlexMessageBox *Also includes FlexTexturePanel, FlexDriveQuery, FlexFind, FlexGauge, FlexStatus, FlexLabelList, FlexFontListBox, FlexMarquee
$39.95; $79.95 with source
Added: 29-03-1999/6-04-1999   |  Version: 2.1   |  Downloads: 996/983/1
Author:OCERIS, Inc.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ glad_cb3.exe ] [ 1,437,363 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
G.L.A.D.: 45+ components for database handling, DBGrid enhancements, user interface, et cetera. Evaluation version includes copyright notices. Registered version includes full source code and unlimited free minor updates.
Added: 7-11-1999/12-03-2000   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 931/931/0
Author:Greg Lief   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ link: excelcs.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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Components for automating Microsoft Excel 2000.
Added: 21-11-1999/25-06-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:WINSOFT   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: antivir.exe ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 | C3 ]
This component is a unique way of making sure that your application is not infected with a software virus. Simply drop the component down on the main form in your project and whenever the program is executed the component checks the exe for size or content changes. If any changes are found the component alerts the user so that they can take action. ( full source only ) $25.00.
Added: 10-01-1999   |  Version: 2.4   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Cyrenesoft   Cyrenesoft   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ link: dgenesis3.exe ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 | C4 ]
The Intelligrid floats ANY db component over its field; MS Money style db calendars and calculators; data validators; dialogs; navigator replacement that let you change bitmaps, orientation, print records, and do lookups. Over 20 controls! DCU's: $99.95, Full Source: $150.00
Added: 23-12-1997/23-01-2000   |  Version: 3.0   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Cyrenesoft   Cyrenesoft   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: dc_c3.exe ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
Dream Controls is a set of five modules. With Dream Scripter you will be able to integrate VBScript, JavaScript, Perl or Pascal scripting languages into your Delphi or C++Builder applications. To design forms and reports at runtime use Dream Designer. Dream Memo is a high-powered memo component, with unlimited text length, syntax highlighting, vertical blocks, customizable keymapping and more. Dream Tree has multiselect in tree view, custom draw, TDBTreeView and TDBListView. Dream Inspector includes a runtime object inspector, vertical DBGrid and a pack of customizable editors.
Added: 20-10-1998/25-01-1999   |  Version: 2.56B2   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Dream Company   Dream Company   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ link: JfControlsDemo020515.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ With Source ]
[ D3 | D4 | D5 | C3 | C4 | C5 ]
JfControls Library Suite. The ultimate components library for Delphi & C++Builder. Multilanguage. Multiconfiguration of colors, backgrounds and images. Packages technology. Privileges management. Skins. Supermenus. Transparencies, Backgrounds, Water marks, etc. Parameters registry of application in file. New masks administration. More than 40 totally customizable components.
Demo Only. Trial version available from our site.
Added: 23-05-2001   |  Version: 020515   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Fco.Ramón & Jose A. Molina   JfActiveSoft   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: suitecpp.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 | C3 | C4 ]
Project Suite offers tools for developers to implement a full-scale project management software or to embed just the specific features into any C++Builder application. Project Suite Standard contains Gantt chart, Project Calendar and Project Datasource components. Project Suite Professional contains also Pert chart and Scheduler components.
Added: 7-03-1999/17-10-1999   |  Version: 1.5   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:SupraSoft Ltd   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: ahmdialogsc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The Dialog Components are a collection of 8 essential dialog components enabling you to browser folders, display MS Office Style Color Selections, show Control Panel Applets and more ...
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
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[ link: ahmenhancedc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The AHM Enhanced Components are, just like the name indicates, enhanced versions of the original Delphi controls. These components allow you to set backgrounds using texture bitmaps, gradients, brushes and colours. The collection includes office style controls like the Officebutton and the Internet-Explorer button. It also contains an easy to use Splash screen component and a presentation component that allows you to configure a slideshow using over 50 different effects. All components are enabled to make use of background images, gradients, colours and even brushes. All captions can have 3D Font styles and other configurations.
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: ahmmailc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The AHM E-Mail Components are a set of e-mail components that will allow you to send/receive e-mail from as many Accounts as you like using the POP/SMTP/MAPI interface respectively. Each mail component includes the ability to send and receive e-mail in design time. Each mail component supports multiple messages and each message supports multiple attachments. TAHMAccountManager is included to enable the ability of sending and receiving e-mail using several accounts.
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: ahmmenusc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The AHM Menu Components contain menu components that are directly inherited from the original Borland menu classes. These menu components will allow you to create and specify sidebars, gradients, font styles, background textures, images as menu items and contain a ton of other features usually not available to menus. In addition we included two components that allow you to modify the menu attached to your application in the system tray and the form in the caption bar. All components make use of a special menu designer and can be tested in design time from within this unique tool.
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: ahmstandardc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The AHM Standard Components are a collection of over 40 controls that will make your development easier. Most of these components are implementations which are needed in your daily programming.
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: ahmsystemc30rel.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C3 ]
The AHM System Components are a collection that contains over 100 non-visual components and classes. Use these components to interface to many of the internal windows functions and enable functionality for which you usually have to create several components and write several lines of code before it becomes possible. All of these components were build to work with your IDE in the best resource saving abilities. See our online information for full details on each of these unique components. Some of the Components included are : TAHMRASManager - Full RAS Management, Establish connections and create/modify RAS information directly from within your application TAHMAppManager - receive important system events, enable auto start with windows, use tray icons, create true file associations, manage your instances and many more TAHMSystemManager - modify system properties, remove icons/taskbars and other applications from the desktop, handle system keys, empty the recycle bin, shutdown and restart and many more TAHMFormManager - run your form inside panels located on other forms, change the layout of your forms, store form specific settings, receive system messages, create additional buttons in the caption bar, allow the dropping of files, make your form stay on top of all applications running, etc.
Added: 17-02-2002/1-04-2002   |  Version: Triton 2000   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Tritontools.Com   Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) & Tritontools.Com   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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