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ExtraPack allows to You create of application with extra cool interface. Over 70 components for fast creating cool application. * Scheme components for your app (like NeoPlanet). * Run-Time scheme changing. * Region Forms and Panels with automation drawing bevels, borders and caption. * Change region in Run-Time. * Buttons of any shape (don't picture), native Delphi code.* Buttons like MS Autorun programs (label with illumination), rendered in Design-Time.* Buttons like much multimedia and game's programs.* Panels with wallpers and shadows, button with sound and more. * Original component realizing morphing. Buttons and panels with imposed texture. * Any components for store sound and bitmap files in your form.* Buttons with: images, transparency, middle-transparency, smoothed colors, different forms, shadows, Noise effect, focus and without focus, different applicability, morphing effect, gradient effect.* Panel with: transparency, middle-transparency, wallpapers and different forms.* Panel with automatic
Registration Fee $99 US Include exe-demo Trial version work when IDE is running
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