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XI is a Delphi library that creates a user interface out of an XML source at run time and lets you edit data using this interface. You don't have to write complex code to create a run-time control anymore, just create an XML source that describes the interface you need and XI will do the rest!

Main features:

  • Building a user interface (UI) out of an XML source at run time. The XML source can be loaded from a file, memory or a resource. The XML source can be loaded as text or in the form of "binary XML" (the more compact "compiled" form).
  • Independence from screen resolution. If the screen resolution on the target system differs from the screen resolution on the machine where the XML source was created, XI will scale controls accordingly.
  • Easy-to-use data exchange interface for generated UI. By default, registry and INI files are supported.
  • Basic set of controls, including the set of controls from JVCL.
  • Expandability. You can add your own controls with ease.
  • Detailed documentation explaining every aspect of using XI.
  • Easy-to-use XML source editor with previewing the resulting user interface.

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