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  CnPack Team (CnPack) [email][Home]

    CnPack Team are Made up of Many Chinese Programmers and Delphi / C++ Builder Fans on Internet. Our products include CnPack IDE Wizards, CnPack Component Package and CVSTracNT. etc.

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1. What is CnWizards?

CnWizards is CnPack's main products, with the English full name 'CnPack IDE Wizards'. It's a free plug-in tools set used in Delphi 5 6 7 / C++ Builder 5 6 to improve our development efficiency.

2. Who can use CnWizards?

CnWizards is designed to face the programmers who use Delphi 5 6 7 or C++Builder 5 6. And now Delphi 8 and Delphi 2005 are partly supported, too.
The offical version of CnWizards includes three languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. But the help files only contain Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese version now.

3. What can CnWizards do?

CnWizards provides more than ten wizards with a lot of enhancements in Delphi / C++ Builder IDE:

  • MessageBox Visual Designer
  • Component Selector
  • Tab Order Wizard
  • Bookmark Browser
  • Open High-Version Forms
  • Source Templates
  • MSDN Help Integrated
  • HTML Format Convertor
  • Batch File Replace
  • Source Compare Tool
  • Source Codes Statistics
  • Component Prefix Wizard
  • Control Align/ReSize Tools
  • Property Corrector
  • Comment Cropper
  • Historical Files Snapshot
  • Explorer Integrated
  • Procedure List
  • Uses Units Cleaner
  • Project Extension Tools
    • Run Separately from IDE
    • Browse Current File's Dir
    • Browse Project Dir
    • Browse Output Dir
    • Unit List
    • Form List
    • Clean Temporary Files
    • Project Dir Builder
  • Code Editor Tools
    • Evaluation Swap Tool
    • Open File Directly
    • Editor Fullscreen Switch
    • Code to String Converting
    • Delete Blank Lines
    • Comment/Uncomment/Toggle Code Tool
    • Indent/Unindent Code Tool
    • ASCII Chart
    • Insert Color
    • Collector
    • Sort Selected Lines
  • Editor Enhancements
    • Context Menu Enhancement
    • Code Read Only Protection
    • Editor Toolbar
    • Line Number Gutter
    • Jumping Enhancement
    • Tabset Enhancement
    • Selection Button
    • Bracket Highlighting
  • Flat Toolbar in Form Designer
  • Multi-line Component Palette
  • Copy ASM Code From CPU Window
  • Object Inspector Enhancements
  • Roll Windows and Set to Topmost
  • Fast Code Input Helper
  • Repository Wizards
    • DUnit Test Case
    • INI Reader and Writer
    • CnMemProf Project

Furthermore, these independent tools are also included in CnWizards:

  • CnWizards Configuration Import&Export
  • DFM File Convertor
  • IDE History Cleaner
CnWizards is published with GPL License. So it's a FREE, OPENSOURCE tool. Anyone can use CnWizards freely. [more]
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