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    CodeAccelerate is a software development company that focuses on developing intelligent VCL components which help users concentrate on their creative tasks. After successful years passed by outsourcing for special clients, we decided to use our expertise in developing components. Operating System controls and third party components in the market are analysed for their lacks, re-designed and coded carefully to develop a full futured, powerful, native and time-saving component suite. Now we are sharing our knowledge-base in our component collection; "SweetControls". For any question and support requirement do not hesitate and use the links below to contact us. Sales: Support:




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CodeAccelerate's SweetControls is a collection (more than 80 controls) of native, professional, new fashion, time-saving and high-quality Delphi VCL components for various actions. They are all native VCL controls written in Delphi. They do not inherit from any standart controls or OS specific controls. All are fast, easy to use and great looking. The suite consists of 7 groups: 1. Standard Controls: Label, Edit, Memo, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, SimpleListbox, Panel, Progress, SpinButton, Scrollbar, GroupBox, Trackbar, ButtonSet, Tabset, Header, StatusBar, ControlSizer. 2. Additional Controls: GraphicButton, PictureList, ImageBox, MaskEdit, ListboxEx, VirtualListbox, ComboboxEx, VirtualCombobox, CheckGroup, RadioGroup, Calendar, Splitter. 3. Edit Controls: FrameEdit, Combobox, Popupbox, ButtonEdit, HyperlinkEdit, SpinnerEdit, IntSpinEdit, FloatSpinEdit, CurrencySpinEdit, TimeEdit, PopupCalendar, PopupColors. 4. Database Controls: DBLabel, DBEdit, DBMemo, NavButton, DBButtonEdit, DBHyperlinkEdit, DBIntSpinEdit, DBFloatSpinEdit, DBSpinnerEdit, DBCurrencySpinEdit, DBCheckBox, DBRadioGroup, DBComboBox, DBComboboxEx, DBListBox, DBListBoxEx, DBImage, DBPopupCalendar, DBTimeEdit, DBProgress, DBTrackbar, DBScrollbar. 5. Font and Color Controls: FontName Listbox, FontName Combobox, Color Listbox, Color Combobox, FontSize Listbox, FontSize ComboBox, FontCharacterset Listbox, FontCharacterset Combobox. 6. Panel Controls: Panel Group Container, Advanced Panel, Advanced Listbox, Panel Style Controller. 7. Color Controls: Color Palette, Color Selectbox, Color Selector, Color Gradient, HSV Gradient, Hue Slider, Luminance Slider, RGB Slider, RGB Roller, Colorbox, PopupColors [more]
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