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TDesignBtn is a regular button with one important feature. User can change it's size and position during Runtime like Design time. Change BtnState property to stDesign and click the button. You'll see 8 small squares like in Dephi IDE. When button in stDesign mode you can change it's size and position by resizing and dragging it. Then click to each of small squares and change size and position of button. Change BtnState to stRun and you have the same button with new size and in new location. Now click and check. First Install package and Run Demo program. author: Jafar N.Aliyev(JEFF)
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Added: 10-05-2004   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 835/835/23
Author:Jafar N.Aliyef(JEFF)   [DSP files]


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