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GridView is a one of fastest component for storing, managing and displaying custom data in GRID or SLIDE style. FEATURES: - Handling over than 10,000,000 cells in realtime - Cell in grid can contain Text, Number, Image, CheckBox and ProgressBar, ComboBox - Quick, smart SORTING of columns - Input line for quick input (like Outlook) - Column moving and auto sizing - Displaying data in different styles (Report, Slides) NEW: -Cells as objects system. -Inplace editor can be stand-alone editor -Access to column by using name -Improved Component Editor -Source of Main Demo -and more... Visit for news, install info, voting and support, and DELPHI 7 version We update component constantly
Added: 25-04-2004   |  Version: 2.1.9   |  Downloads: 760/760/13
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