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Help you create good looking form for entering data in your database. All you have to do is to place components on the forms and set properties! The code is in the component!
It create good looking colorful forms that work well. It have edits that validate data as the user type, combobox that looks in others tables for possibles choices, a list that allow user to easily find a record and fontion buttons that are only enabled when they can be used. It support addition, modification, suppression and archiving of data.
So ,you only have to write code if you want to do non-standard form. For these, theres lots of properties and events to customize presizely your application.
Some graphics components of this package are also very useful in non-database application.
Added: 17-11-2003   |  Version: 0.99T2   |  Downloads: 560/560/7
Author:Tommy Bricre   [DSP files]


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